Week of Marvels 26/08/2014

The world has turned on its AXIS over the course of the week, as we learn more of the shocking twists Rick Remender has planned for the next X-event!  Plus: who else picked up this week’s surprise appearance by the real Jean Grey?

This week’s releases

This has been an explosive week for Marvel Comics.  As I made clear in my Review, I was particularly fond of X-Men #18 – a single issue that launched Guggenheim’s short cosmic adventure.  But there were other X-books out there:

  • All-New X-Men #30, which kicked off the romance between X-23 and Angel!
  • Amazing X-Men #10, continuing the ‘World War Wendigo‘ plotline!
  • Wolverine #11setting up for the death of Wolverine!
  • X-Force #8, in which Cable’s team run foul of fan-favourite MI13!
  • A nostalgic Nightcrawler #5 in which Jean Grey makes an appearance!
But Jean's dead!
Is this just Claremont being Claremont and doing his own thing? Or do Marvel have a plan in the works? Oh, and… why is Jean the Green Phoenix, and not the White Phoenix?  Maybe this is all just in Kurt’s head…

Original Sin #7 moves the series towards a conclusion, and #8 promises to finally reveal all the mysteries.  Meanwhile, the secrets and lies continue to be revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #5Deadpool #33, and Fantastic Four #8.

This is an unusual year – Marvel have an insane number of epics going on at once.  Original Sin is coming to a close only weeks before the build-up begins to Axis; we have the Death of Wolverine; and, of course, Spider-Verse!  IGN have a fascinating article that I think everyone needs to check out – why event comics always disappoint.  Marvel, in particular, need to take care not to over-egg the pudding…

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  1. May I use your chart about the future Marvel and DC films on my blog? I’d like to talk about them on my blog too 🙂


    1. Yeah feel free it’s from IGN 🙂


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