The X-Men’s greatest secrets

The secret is coming!  In the pages of Uncanny X-Men, Brian Bendis is enjoying teasing us with a tremendous secret that is going to redefine the X-Men.  He thinks it’s the biggest secret of X-history; in response, I figure it’s time to count out what I feel are the top five X-secrets!

FIVE: X-Force – Nobody Knows

Unusually enough, the existence of X-Force was a secret that all the readers knew about.  Whereas most secrets in the X-universe are retcons designed to explain away the latest plot-point, this was a ticking time-bomb that we always knew was going to blow up in the faces of Cyclops and Wolverine.

In the aftermath of Messiah Complex, Cyclops had a new X-Force formed – a mutant kill-team with a mandate to kill the enemies of mutantkind.  They didn’t do a particularly good job, frankly, with their methods seeming to only concentrate enemy forces.  It’s a telling point that, for all X-Force had slaughtered their way through Purifiers, Bastion still had a lot of ammunition left over to fire at Utopia in Second Coming.  Meanwhile, Wolverine and Cyclops routinely clashed, even coming to blows over Cyclops’ use of X-23 as a member.  It arguably set the scene for Schism, with Logan coming to believe children shouldn’t be soldiers.

The first Schism
Logan always was great at debating with style…

All this being said, X-Force do have one key achievement behind them; if Cyclops hadn’t sent them into the future to help save Hope from Bishop in Messiah War, odds are the girl would have been killed, and the mutant race would never have been reignited.

X-Force was explosively revealed at the beginning of Second Coming but, bar a few awkward conversations, the impact was surprisingly muted.  Wolverine then formed another iteration of X-Force, kept secret even from Cyclops and secretly transcending the Schism.  That didn’t turn out well either, with this essentially kicking off the Dark Angel Saga and the near-world-destroying plans of the Apocalypse Twins.

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  1. Great examples. I can’t wait to find out the new secret!


  2. Interestingly enough, Bendis also made use of the “energy”. He had it absorbed into a mutant in Alaska who went on to kill Alpha Flight until Sentry dropped it into the sun. Again…writers need to talk to each other.


    1. Yup. I’m thinking at some point of doing a post on ‘The Law of Unintended Consequences’, looking at all the random impacts of Wanda’s ‘No More Mutants’…


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