Week of Marvels 23/08/2014

This week, Marvel hit the headlines – and not in a good way.  Want to see why?

This week in Marvel

Not all publicity is good publicity.  This week, Marvel released a variant cover of Spider-Woman #1 that caused something of a stir.  Marvel had recruited Milo Manara, apparently well-known for erotic and pornographic comics, to do a variant cover for them.  Just that choice raised eyebrows.  And then the cover was exclusively released to Comic Book Resources.


Spider-Woman variant

Now, long-term fans will look at this and no doubt think it’s rather tame compared to some of Robert Liefeld’s art.  But media reaction has been high-volume, especially because the position is clearly inspired by pornographic art (several sites have examples, but we’re choosing to be a tad more family-friendly here).  As Time have observed, courting female fans holds big bucks for Marvel.  Spider-Woman is a series aimed to draw in female fans.  And this blunder is really, really bad for business.

In the comic-book world, this week saw Original Sin continue in Nova and Original Sins #5.  Magneto begins the build-up to AXIS, and the latest issue of X-Factor has hit the shelves!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert says:

    I’m on the fence about the Kitty/Star-Lord romance. but at least they’re not jumping into marriage like a certain weather witch we all know


    1. I’m enjoying it, personally – I think it’s good for Kitty, the X-Men get kind of intense lol


  2. loz says:

    Manara’s recent response.

    I find it unsatisfying, but I’ve never been a fan of his work and hated his last foray into drawing the X-women. I hate his porn mouths and unnatural female poses.


    1. In my view, a deeply unsatisfying response. Ultimately, Marvel have to take the flak for hiring him for this cover, in my view.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. loz says:

        If they really wanted to welcome new female readers, they should have hired some artists who have a more realistic view of women.


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