Week of Marvels 30/08/2014

This week: major news for the AXIS event, a whole host of teasers for Captain America 3, and a new release that I think will be rather controversial…

This week in Marvel

This week, the controversy over Milo Manara’s art has continued.  Newsarama have tapped into it to present the 10 most impractical female super-hero outfits, much to my amusement (Marvel will be relieved to see that DC are in the lead there).  Meanwhile, Axel Alonso has addressed this head-on in his latest Axel-In-Charge.

Events this week:

  • Original Sin ripples on; you can read my Guardians of the Galaxy #18 review over on Comic Book Herald.  Original Sins #5 has caused some comment over a tremendous revelation involving Agent Duggan of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Brian Bendis has taken the All-New X-Men into the Ultimate universe, unveiling a powerful new mutant into the bargain!
  • The secret of Corsair’s survival has been revealed in Cyclops #4!
  • Rick Remender continues the build-up to AXIS, dealing with the consequences of his latest epic in Uncanny Avengers.  Rogue fans – be very, very afraid.
Get out of my mind
When nostalgia goes wrong.  Mike Carey, I’m so, so sorry; all your hard work has officially been undone.

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