Week of Marvels 06/09/2014

First of all, I know she’s highly unlikely to ever read MahMuseComics, but on behalf of the site congratulations to Scarlett (Black Widow) Johansson and her fiance on the birth of their daughter Rose Dorothy!

Moving on, there’s been turmoil in the Marvel Universe – it’s been a big week!

This week in Marvel

It’s over.  Original Sin, the Jason-Aaron-penned epic, has come to a conclusion.  Reviewers are mixed; personally I found the ending slightly predictable, and was a tad disappointed.  Still, this event has been an unusual and successful one for Marvel, and I’m happy that they experimented with it!  Axel Alonso shares his thoughts in this week’s Axel-In-Charge.

Other key releases this week:

  • Death of Wolverine #1 kicks things off, with Logan’s fate sealed – and an old enemy stepping out of the shadows!  Be sure to check out Comic Book Herald’s review.
  • Uncanny X-Men continues its ‘Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier’.  I’ve already written an article on this one, as Bendis’ smooth sense of continuity impressed me.  Plus some cool characterisation.
Bring it on!
  • Guggenheim’s X-Men space arc continued; full of fun, good in characterisation, and deepening the mysteries he kicked off last issue.  It’s a decent read!
  • The romance between Kitty and Star-Lord continues in Legendary Star-Lord, with Peter Quill in possession of a cool new starship and heading to Earth next issue…

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ry-Guy says:

    That ANXM cover sketch appears to be them against the ULTIMATE X-Men (judging from them currently encountering Miles Morales), hence that Jimmy Hudson Wolverine.


    1. Ah! Shows how little I know of the modern Ultimate universe!


  2. Psychodad says:

    it makes sense. in the newest ANXM, the omega mutant the young X-Men found somehow teleported them to the Ultimate universe. We knew it had to happen considering the news that the Ultimate Spider-Man would be joining the team.


    1. Yeah I’d just forgotten they wouldn’t be back by #36 lol!


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