What’s In Xavier’s Last Will and Testament?


Brian? Can I call you Brian? I feel that over the last year or so I’ve really gotten to know you through your writing, but just one thing. What’s in the damn Will, other than Xavier married Mystique, that is soooo incendiary? See Brian, I just feel that everything in this issue was not that big of a deal. I’ll explain below, with some spoilers….and some pros and cons.

Con: Another $4.99 priced book. Yer killin me Marvel.


Pro: Isn’t this book so pretty. Can I just point out straight off the bat that this is some of Bachalo’s nicest work in a while. I’ve been really enjoying his work recently, and it seems he really took his time with this book. Loved the art on this book. Cheers Bachalo and your phalanx of inkers.

Pro: Tom pointed out the fact that Charles uses the same Charlie persona to get closer to Malloy that he later will use on Franklin Richards in the Onslaught saga.

Pro: in the first two pages we see the phantom of what will later become Cerebro from the Hunt for Xavier Saga.

cerebroPro:  This issue had at least four character interactions that just pleased me. The first: Kitty and Kurt. It was just a lovely quiet moment that made me happy.

KittyKurthug1Pro: Interaction 2, Cyclops and Storm. No one is letting Cyclops off. They shouldn’t but….I liked this small moment between Cyclops and Storm. Let’s take a small tangent shall we?

Tangent: I have this theory about everyone’s chronic disdain for Cyclops and his murder of Xavier while possessed by the Phoenix force. It’s like everyone acts under a certain respect for Cyclops. They seem to be mad at him, and somewhat hypocritically in some examples, like Storm, Iceman, Beast and Wolverine. All four of them have done questionable things and committed atrocities over others in the possession of or in the name of science, Death seeds and the like, but when Cyclops does something it’s like they hold him to a different standard. Like, “yeah we did this stuff at one point or another, but you’re Cyclops. You should know better.” It was the same with Wolverine. In that one Aaron issue toward the end of his run, Wolverine tried to convince Cyclops that he was the one to be a hero and should stand aside when a morally grey situation could be handled by Wolverine.

Yeah, People hold Cyclops to a higher standard. Should they? Is that fair in the world they all live in? Either way, the set of three panels below suggested that Storm and Cyclops were coming to an understanding.

stormcykePro: Interaction 3, Ice Man And Cyclops. Iceman’s dig at Cyclops. Their whole interaction was interesting, and while the drama and tension is high, this seemed right. I love Cyclops’ response with an optic blast. Take that Ice man. However, I enjoyed Ice man’s threat back.

BeastDazzexchangeCon: Beast continues to channel his inner arse hole. Get off your high Horse Beast.

Pro: Interaction 4, Dazzler and Beast. Dazzler rocks this look, and attitude, and doesn’t cater to Beast’s probing. She sees through it.

Pro: Mrs Xavier or not… I’m Still going to Kill her with my bare hands. And this is something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Molloy's powers

Pro: Rachel in this book.

Con: Not really any Emma or Magik. Come on, this Uncanny X-men.

Pro: This whole story reminds me of that Twilight Zone segment where the omnipotent kid makes himself a family out of random terrified strangers. This whole story is Xavier’s answer to that problem. To use a horrible Frozen analogy (forgive me, my kids love that movie) Conceal don’t feel. This is Xavier’s sin. He’s an egotistical, self righteous sociopath. His big deal all along was that mutants should not abuse their powers for the benefit and acceptance of all human kind, but he flies in the face of that whenever and however he wishes. I’ll elaborate more at the end of the article but the pro her was Cyclops instantly called him out on it, despite him calling out a non-responsive hologram.



So here are the questions.

What was the big reveal? Xavier Xavier secretly psionically lobotomized a boy for the “Greater Good.”

Did it make sense? Yes. In a weird way we understand Xaviers motivations. But here he just proves how flawed he was as a man and mutant. Which is good. It’s the flaws that sometimes make us.

Was there precedent for it? Hell yes. This is the man who Kept Danger a secret, Who harbored Onslaught, who had a creepy infatuation with Jean Grey (that he kept secret) Who could not figure out that a pen and paper system of memo’s might make the world of difference to Forgetmenot. Keeping Vulcan’s existence from Scott. Who knows what else he did?

All in all I loved this issue, but do we really have to wait for the X-men to deal with Malloy before we can hear the rest of the damn will? What did you think? Did you love or hate this issue?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Psychodad says:

    I was actually disappointed by the revelation. hiding a kid that had the power to destroy the world? THAT was the big reveal? It just seemed like garbage. I did like all the interactions in the issue. I also have an issue. If this kid needed constant visits to maintain his blocks, what happened when Xavier was off earth for awhile?


    1. loz says:

      There seem to be some holes don’t there? I was intrigued about Malloys ability to draw the energy from another dimension which (and hopefully someone else can comment on) Cyclops supposedly does with his optic blasts.


  2. Givenup says:

    As a big Storm fan I was hoping for some spiritual speech, but I get she’s not wearing those clothes right now and so won’t be showing that side of her personality.

    As for Prof X: remember the Xavier protocols? I’m not surprised that he had some secrets, only that every time he swears this is the last one, there is another one/five that get released. Although I do find stating that he had Onslaught in him a bit strong and doesn’t show he was sociopathic, to me it just showed how he deals with telepathy. He’s able to modify his own mind: but putting a damn on a river doesn’t mean that water doesn’t exist. We’ve seen that Jean had issues with her emotions even without the firebird’s help, her emotions could be a little too big for her. Emma and Betsy can both go the other way and be cold, ruthless and robotic. I don’t think it’s been a concious design choice to have the common thread with those with higher end telepathic ability but nor do I believe that it’s been completely by accident, let’s call it subconscious design.


    1. loz says:

      I like the term Subconscious Design.


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