Dealing With Xavier’s Original Sin

I think I’m over not learning more about Xavier’s will for now. With this weeks December solicitations showing that we are going to have to wait till then til we find out what’s in the rest of the will, that gives me a time frame, and I’m not waiting with bated breath each month for another tidbit.

That said let’s get straight to the meat of this issue, and boy was it meaty. Lot’s of good stuff. Click below the break for the Pro/Con bullets.

Pro: Maria Hill’s worst nightmare comes true. We get to witness. I love how she tells the Iron Man/Nick Fury anecdote, and to Bendis’ credit I hear Samuel L. Jackson when I read it.

Pro: Cyclops outburst. I feel the same way Scott. This is a slap in the face.

I feel ya Slim.

Con: Iceman going off on a rant. Come on. Give Cyclops a break. Didn’t you recently go Elsa on the 616. Chill out man.

Shut up Storm!
Shut up Storm!

Con: Storms Hypocrite of the month about hypocrites remark. Okay, I told Beast this a couple of weeks ago and I’m gonna say the same thing to you Storm. Shut your mouth. This is how that line sounded in my head. “So cut the trademark Ororo Munro Holier-than-thou hypocrite song and dance and shut up.”

Pro: Emma continues to be the voice of reason and not of coercion.


Con: There is simply not enough of Emma in this book, but she still offers support to the mission team only to be dismissed by Storm.

Pro: The newest member of the X-men opens her mouth and…gets it. Way to go Angelica.



Pro: Iceman going off on a rant. I know I know this was a con just a few bullets ago, but this issue did a fantastic job of getting to the root of Iceman’s pain. We learn exactly why he’s upset. It doesn’t matter who Xavier was or what he became or the choices he made in the past, he was the man who gave Iceman his purpose in life and now Bobby is having a crisis, despite others trying to give points of view.  This is why I loved these pages. They showed Angelica and Kitty and Nightcrawler all give different points of view, but sometimes when you are in pain, even when you know that someone is speaking logic to you, your still need the time to process your trials in a manner that you need. This is what Bobby was doing. Who knows if he’ll change his mind or not on Cyclops but for right now, I liked his reaction. It was real. He practiced what he preached. He’s tired of pretending the bad stuff never happened. I loved this response to his pain.


Pro: I’m really feeling for Cyclops and Iceman.

Pro: Finally we see what the Uncanny Kids are up to. And yes, I know they’re not all kids. Hi-jack is 30 yrs old. Something really important happens here. There’s a mini Schism forming. What are these kids doing here? Are they learning? Are they training? What are they training for? Triage wants to know because of this:


And it seems all but the cuckoos have questions.

Pro: Celeste’s response.


Con: I want to know how the cuckoos use telepathy while in diamond form. Can they do that now? Is Emma now able to use Telekinesis because her body saw a need while her powers are broken? Are Emma’s powers still Broken? I want to know these things.

Pro: Bennet Du Paris is the big reveal of the issue.


Con: Not for long unfortunately.



So here are the questions.

What was the big reveal? Exodus is seemingly the head of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Psi division.

Did it make sense? NO. Last we saw, Exodus he was in the Utopia Brig telling the X-men that soon they would once again all be united. Although that is quite the portent of things to possibly come, WHAT IS HE DOING UNDER THE S.H.I.E.L.D ROOF? Why on earth would Exodus suddenly be working for non-mutants? This doesn’t seem right. What is going on. There are disparities in continuity and personalities happening in this book.

Was there precedent for it? I don’t think so. Maybe Bennet’s time in the brig and his recent dealings with Xavier and the death of Xavier gave him a change of heart. Maybe… I dunno.

This was a great issue. I loved the interactions and the tension is high. If Exodus just got his brain snatched through his eyeballs and orifices, and Rachel doesn’t seem to have too much confidence in her ability, What is going to become of the X-men. Also, Iceman has stated that now the X-Men can never be the same again. Change is definitely on the horizon, but are we equipped to handle that change?  (check out tom’s awesome article) Are the X-men equipped to handle that change?

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  1. Nice review! I agree, this was a remarkably strong issue, one full of character. The Exodus reveal was left-field, and undermined the book somewhat for me, but I think the characterisation in this issue was its real strength.

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  2. Psychodad says:

    Great review, Loz! I don’t think there was a single thing in there that I disagreed with. I hated Exodus’ appearance simply because it felt like throwing him in there just for name recognition. But I loved the interactions between Cyclops and Iceman and Iceman and Firestar. Storm’s little bit about hypocrites was… oh, what’s the word… hypocritical? Very nice review. I don’t think I’ve read one of your reviews where I’ve agree on every single point until now.


    1. loz says:

      Well thank you. I really got from this issue that a ton of people are not over this death, and while it’s been over a year in terms of buying comics, I think it’s really not been so long for them In-Universe. Maybe a couple of months or so? So all these emotions people are feeling seem real to me. I love it. Thanks for taking time to comment.


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