Spidey-Subs: Is Spider-Man wrong for the X-men?

By now you have probably heard that Spider- Man will be taking a little direction from the soon to be deceased Wolverine and will take over as Counsellor/substitute teacher at the Jean Grey School. Does this sound odd to you? Even in the solicitations, they ask

“What’s a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fuelled the formation of his special student class?”

They also asked, in words to a similar effect, “who the hell demanded a Sauron/Stegron team-up?” Wait that was me, but I digress. We here at Mah Muse feel like this inclusion of Spider-man into the X-men’s world is kinda left field despite having somewhat of a history with certain members. Our own Tom even stated, “Marvel is replacing one super-hero who turns up everywhere… with another super-hero who turns up everywhere!”

So we decided to take Marvel editorial into our own hands, recast Spidey’s role and give it to someone who we feel more worthy. We present to you, six such candidates and then you can vote for your favourite pick.  Also you will have noticed some rather nifty artwork. You and your eyes can thank Maxime Garbarini who’s home page is: http://melovecomics.tumblr.com/ you can find it by clicking on the link.  Enjoy.

First up, Tom.


  1. Kitty Pryde and the X-Men

Over the years, Wolverine has picked up a lot of proteges; and to me it makes sense that one of those be the lead replacement in the book!  Kitty Pryde, in particular, is tremendously popular; she’s the hero everybody quite likes.  Attractive, confident, snarky, sexy, and X-Men fans have watched her grow up.  She is seriously big news.

I mean, think about it: this is the girl who inspired Joss Whedon’s Buffy.  Warren Ellis crushed on her so hard that he wrote himself into the Marvel Universe as Pete Wisdom so he could date her.  She’s been training the All-New X-Men over in Bendis’ side of the Schism.  She’s dating Star-Lord, meaning she’s even got ties to Marvel Cosmic and the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Oh, and her links to Wolverine are so strong that her popping up in the Death of Wolverine arc was inevitable.

Thinking about it, in a sense some issues of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run were pretty much his pitch for this series!



  1. Jubilee and the X-Men

From one of Wolverine’s proteges, to another.  Unlike Christina, I’m a fan of Jubilee – I’ve always considered her awesome, and I admit I was gutted when she lost her powers as part of the Decimation.  For all I’ve written in the past that writers need to learn to leave things alone, in this matter I’m a typical fanboy; I like my Jubilee to be human and a firecracker, and wouldn’t mind Marvel finding some way of ‘resetting’ her.  I really shouldn’t have written that; what if Rick Remender reads it?

That being said, Jubilee is a character with tremendous potential.  Brian Wood did wonders for her character, making her an adopted mom and giving her a leadership role as regards a small band of X-youngsters.  What’s more, in Battle of the Atom we saw a timeline in which her vampirism has progressed a little, she’s leader of the X-Men, and she’s even taken the code-name of Wolverine in honour of her deceased mentor.

Jubilee’s series would run a little differently to Kitty’s.  Let’s face it, as a leader she’s nowhere near the position where she could boss Storm around!  But give her a team of younger X-Men – say, the very same cast being considered for Spider-Man and the X-Men – and you’ve got the perfect team for Jubilee to lead.


And now Christina’s Picks



  1. Nightcrawler and the X-Men

Two choices for me — one logical and one personal. This one is the logical one. Of all of the X-men, Kurt has the most experience with the difficulties of being a mutant. His mutation includes obvious physical features and he’s never been able to hide for most of his life, unlike just about every other member of the core team. He’s had the best reasons to be bitter to hate ‘ordinary’ humans to despise everyone around him. And yet. Kurt has always seen the good in everyone, and continually sought to help everyone see it in themselves. Even with his recent death and resurrection leaving him somewhat off-kilter and out of sorts, Kurt’s gentle nature and calming influence almost screams for him to head up a school full of students left anxious and uncertain from all of the turmoil among the X-men that’s been going on since Schism.

To me, Kurt is the obvious choice to head up the Jean Grey School. With a love of adventure and a heart that seeks to inspire sometimes in spite of itself, Nightcrawler and the X-men could lead the Jean Grey School to new heights and daring new experiences!



  1. Marvel Girl and the X-Men

Okay honestly I’m not sure what name Rachel’s going by these days, so insert current name here.  Even though I admit this is a personal choice, seriously who is more natural to take over the reins at the Jean Grey School than Jean Grey’s (sort of) daughter? She’s seen the dream of the X-men rise and fall and rise again first in her own time and now in this reality. She’s dealt with the struggles of controlling enormous powers and she’s seen the human/mutant relations unfold in one reality already. Throughout Schism, AvX and Battle of the Atom, She showed she puts the needs of the team, the students, and people in need above petty squabbles and she has a different perspective on things having already seen how things turn out via one route.

Rachel was literally born into the X-men and has lived her entire life around the struggles of mutants and the mission of the school. Since losing the Phoenix Force, Rachel has been sitting mostly on the sidelines watching and waiting, though not always silently, and it’s becoming more and more apparent her time has come. With Jean’s fiery temper and Scott’s leadership in her blood, she has the passion and ability to protect and guide the students at the school. It’s time for Rachel to take up her mantle as the child of two of the original X-men and lead the next generation into the future.


And now Loz’s Picks



  1. Exodus and the X-Men

 So Exodus? Right now you’re thinking, “someone took a blow to the head.” Originally I had been thinking about Emma and Exodus as options. But then I thought Emma is preoccupied with the uncanny kids, and Exodus is just too far left field. Then Uncanny came out this week, you can find the article HERE. The more I think of it thought, Bennet du Paris would be a really fascinating choice. When last we saw him in the Utopia brig he had promised that soon the mutants would all be under the same roof, so we know that he has the best interest of the mutant race at heart, but it is his methodologies and use of violence are questionable.

Speaking of questionable, let’s put aside the fact that he is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D’s  Psi division, for now. If he were to survive his recent experience, it would be nice to have someone of stature and experience lead a group of young X-men.  Someone flawed but never associated with the X-men. Exodus could follow in the footsteps of Magneto. The kids could learn from his past mistakes and come to terms with their abilities. As a powerful Psi, among other impressive powers, he could relate to each of the students in a way personal to them.  And don’t tell me Du Paris couldn’t be a hero. AoA anyone?

By the way, Bennet, I hope you’re feeling better after that Malloy business.


  1. Husk and the X-Men

Now this is the real candidate I would like to take over from Spidey. She’s already a counsellor at the Jean Grey School, and is starting to come to terms with her own abilities. She knows just how hard it is to navigate the 616 as a young teen mutant whose powers aren’t always pretty. She’s been an active X-Man in the past and has learned from two of the best: Banshee and Emma Frost.  Able to potentially husk into any form and in theory husk her mind and personality to match any similar need, there is untapped riches to be gleaned from this set up.

If there’s a mutant who wasn’t really done well by in Aaron’s run of Wolverine and the X-Men it’s Husk. She was advertised as a main player and then we were given more of the younger crowds while she was relegated to mental illness and a weird romance with Toad. This would be Husk’s chance to shine and bring some of these kids to the forefront too.


So who would you choose? Like any of our choices, or do you like Spider-Man as a choice? Is there someone else you would like to take over his class? Vote in our poll below and don’t forget to go visit our wonderful guest artist for this post Maxime Garbarini. Please go check out his tumblr and his shop and buy stuff from him. You will not regret it. Maxime is a long-time fan of the X-men and the new X-men crowd in particular and you can check out his brand: Close Call Comics and his compelling web Comic “The Heroic Patrol.”

Now – it’s up to you!  If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. It was hard for me between Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, but ultimately my vote goes to Kitty. Can’t wait to read the comics without Wolverine. And are the changing the title too? Or just the lead character? Should I be looking for Spider-man and the X-Men it Wolverine and the X-Men with Spidey as the lead?


  2. loz says:

    Spider-man and the X-men is the official title, out this December I think.


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