Week of Marvels 04/10/2014

The Marvel Universe moves one step closer both to the death of Wolverine – and to the events of AXIS!  We see a new Captain America, and a female Thor!  Plus: some AMAZING X-Men concept art!

This week in Marvel

This week, the Marvel Universe has been rocked to its foundations.  Two of the classic Avengers Trinity have been radically changed…

First of all, Rick Remender has written the frankly superb Captain America #25, in which the shield is handed over to Sam Wilson, better known as the Falcon.  The issue is rich in humour, and is one of those few character pieces that make me laugh out loud.

Avengers Meeting
I recommend opening the image, zooming in, and enjoying the humour!

Meanwhile, Thor #1 has hit the stands!  In a perfect contrast, this replacement is enigmatic and mysterious.  The issue itself leads you in one direction, but I somehow doubt it (especially since the writer is none other than Jason Aaron).

The new Thor
Wow, the new Thor is certainly different!

One month.  Two relaunches.  Plus the beginning of the new Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier series, and the continuing March to AXIS in Uncanny Avengers!

I recommend checking out Axel Alonso‘s thoughts, by the way.  They feature some seriously interesting reading…

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