Four Ideas for an X-Men Live Action Series

So now it’s official!  Fox are considering running with the idea of an X-Men live action series, rather than just focusing on the movies.  Here are four ideas for what Fox could do…

All-New X-Men

With X-Men: Apocalypse bringing an end to this second trilogy of movies, where will the X-Men go next?  Well, it would be fun to see Fox actually try to follow continuity a little bit, and perhaps bring together the original X-Men – Cyclops, Beast (admittedly keeping Hank as older than the rest of the team changes the dynamic), Iceman, Angel, and Jean Grey.

ANXM and Sentinels
Sure, I doubt the TV series will have this kind of budget, but do you see what I mean?

The X-Men comics have frankly always worked best as a sort of ‘soap opera’ style (never more than so than under Chris Claremont, where meta-arcs could last for decades).  An ongoing series that explores the cast would be perfect, and could set up strong ongoing arcs that would lead towards the next instalment of the film franchises.  Doing it this way would also give Fox an edge with Wolverine; they could feature Wolverine in the big X-event X-Men movies, then spin him off on solo adventures (i.e. his own films).

I’ve called it All-New X-Men as a homage to Brian Bendis, who’s brought the original X-Men into the present day; this idea would roughly do the same thing.

Generation X

Analogous to that idea is a series that focuses in on the younger mutants at the Xavier School – perhaps even lifting characters from the different ‘young mutant’ groups the comics have featured on countless occasions.  I’m sure a creative way to bring back Emma Frost could be found (and frankly, it’s not as though Fox don’t have a history of rewriting that character!).  So you could have Emma and Banshee as co-teachers, with doubts about Emma’s character and possible conspiracies.  And that’s not even counting the intrigue you could have with Emplate!

Generation X 1
Some of these guys could be SO cool…

Depending on where you wanted things to go, the series could gradually go into the darker territory of New X-Men, with time-travelling Sentinels, religious bigotry, and deadly attacks upon the School.  With the right characters, this series could be a winner.

X-Factor Investigations

OK, let’s be honest, this seems to be the most likely.  Shawn Madden has tweeted that he’s heard the property Fox are exploring is based on Peter David’s X-Factor Investigations group, and if so then that’s an inspired choice.

X-Factor Investigations
Talk about your off-the-wall series!

David’s cast are ready-made for this kind of concept; whimsical and distinctive, ranging from the phenomenal Strong Guy to the ‘creepy kid’ Layla Miller.  And Jamie Madrox is made for this kind of TV project.


We know there’s a movie coming out, but to be honest X-Force seem more appropriate for a TV series.  I mean, picture it; an ongoing covert war with anti-mutant forces, with the global situation gradually getting worse; an ominous future hovering over the heroes, with a time-travelling leader determined to stave off what seems to be a fixed destiny… You see what I mean?  The level of action and drama could be tremendous!

Cable against X-Force
No reason they should all be working together!

You could easily choose characters from across X-Force’s different incarnations, tailoring them to suit your needs.  Including a healer and a moral conscience to act as the seeds of doubt would be useful.

And then all you need to do is lead into an equivalent of the Dark Angel Saga, with one of the team corrupted…

There are lots of ideas – which do you prefer?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Psychodad says:

    I would love to see a TV show detailing how the O5 got together. but I think it would be more practical to go with X-Factor Investigations. probably have a bit more material it could generate


    1. I admit, I do think X-Factor’s the most likely! (The poll results above are showing the same!)


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