Who will kill Wolverine? Five guesses…

It’s here.  This is it – the week when Wolverine’s story ends, when – with ‘Death of Wolverine #4‘ – the most famous X-Man goes to that great Weapon X Project in the sky!  But who will do the deed?

Dr. Cornelius


In a sense, he was the man who made the Wolverine.  It was Cornelius who perfected the technology to implant adamantium into Wolverine’s skeleton; he’s appeared several times since, and was believed killed in X-Men #7 way back in the 1990s.  He’s returned in the current ‘Death of Wolverine‘ arc, and appears to be the main villain – the man who’s painted a target sign on Wolverine’s back.  Will Dr. Cornelius be the man responsible for ending Wolverine?
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