Marvel 2015 – Up and Coming

Over the last fortnight, we’ve learned a lot about the future of Marvel.  In today’s special, I’m going to take the part of Destiny and unveil the future…


We now know how everything is going to change.  Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch will, as part of ‘AXIS‘, unleash a spell that transforms the Marvel Universe – by inverting certain key characters.  As part of this, Tony Stark’s ego will run unchecked – he’ll brand himself the ‘Superior’ Iron Man (also, note, an interesting attempt to turn ‘Superior Spider-Man‘ into a ‘Superior’ brand, in the same way as ‘All-New’).

Superior Iron Man designs
I love the design for the new armour!

For some characters, the inversion will be permanent.  And when ‘AXIS‘ is over, there will be tragic consequences; including at least one plot element that Brian Bendis is looking forward to picking up.

Uncanny Avengers‘ will relaunch, with a brand new team:

New Uncanny Avengers team
Both Havok and Wasp are conspicuous by their absence…

Their first arc, ‘Counter-Evolutionary‘, will feature Remender’s taken on the Counter-Earth concept.

Most noteworthy, though, is that this finally confirms an inversion Wolverine fans had been expecting to stick around: Sabretooth will be an Avenger.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Psychodad says:

    wow. lots of nice info! great read! looking forward to seeing what they do with all of this!


    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! 😀


  2. akismet-0439fc7a09f83bacaef8f8fd53faad21 says:

    i am actually excited for this event!


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