Six Classic Comic Book Deaths

It’s over.  Marvel have killed Wolverine; and as the comics resound with the repercussions, I want to briefly look at the lessons Marvel have learned when they’ve killed some pretty major figures before…

Uncle Ben

Let’s start with the classic, from Amazing Fantasy #15!

Uncle Ben is dead

A single moment of selfishness became the defining moment of Peter Parker’s life, as he chose to stand by and let a thief escape.  That same thief was later responsible for killing Peter’s Uncle Ben, and Peter realised the lesson that has always been so central to his career as Spider-Man: with great power comes great responsibility.

So defining is Uncle Ben’s death that Marvel have seemingly never been tempted to resurrect him.  Such an event would destroy everything that makes Spider-Man who he is, and leave the whole series on some very, very shaky foundations…

Lesson: Sometimes death lasts.  And when it does, it can stand at the very centre of a super-hero’s character.
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  1. I noticed that there was no DC deaths, I don’t know if its because this is only a Marvel list (because of Death of Wolverine) but I was half expecting Superman and Barry Allen Flash

    But I agree with your choices nonetheless


    1. Yeah, I’ve just focused on Marvel 🙂 If I were doing DC as well, I’d definitely have included Supes; the reality is, though, that I simply don’t know DC well enough to do them justice. Supes is literally the only comic book death in DC I really know much about! 🙂

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      1. Barry Allen died during the infinite crisis event and stayed dead for 23 years (real life years, not comic book years) and just came back in 2011 foe the New 52


      2. Thinking about it, I remember Jason Todd’s death – was shocked when I recently learned he’d come back now lol.

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      3. Oh yeah, Joker killed Jason Todd and Ra’s al Ghul used the Lazarus pit to bring him back to life. He then became the anti-hero Red Hood.

        I did a Character Bio of him on my blog a while back so I’m pretty educated in his history 🙂


      4. Oh cool I’ll track it down later on! 😀 I always loved the Jason Todd arc lol, guess it’s true – nobody stays dead in comics :p

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