Week of Marvel 25/10/2014

With the release of the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, there’s just one question.  How would Ultron play the part of Mary Poppins?  Read on and learn!

This week in Marvel Comics

AXIS continued, with the Red Supremacy coming to an end.  I’ve written reviews of the first three chapters for ComicsVerse:

All in all, I’m afraid the series has gotten off to a disappointing start.  With that said, the various spin-offs – such as this week’s All-New X-Factor #15 – have tended to be better than the main event.  That said, ANXF is written by the outstanding Peter David, so is that any surprise?

Meanwhile, the Logan Legacy continues – in an issue dedicated to the wonderful X-23.

Death of Wolverin 2
Go Laura!

Click to cont

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