Week of Marvels 01/11/2014

It’s been a massive week for Marvel, with HUGE announcements – but how have the world reacted to them?  Read on!

This week in Marvel Comics

AXIS slowed down this week, with the main series taking a breather – in time for us to get our taste of the spin-offs, with Carnage, the Hobgoblin and Revolutions!  Oddly enough, the best of the lot was Carnage, whose heroic version is surprisingly entertaining.  As ridiculous as an inverted Carnage sounds, he actually works.

Want to be a hero

Perhaps indicating that Marvel are doing a few too many events this year, Original Sin finally concluded in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Finally, the fate of Richard (Nova) Rider is revealed, and – although resolving his sad absence – it leaves the potential for return in my view.  Not least because he embodied the Nova Force, and that’s back but not explained by this story.

And the Marvel Universe continues to reel from Wolverine’s death, with The Logan Legacy continuing, and an oddball team-up between Deadpool and Captain America!

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