The Road to the Secret Wars

The truth behind ‘Secret Wars‘ has emerging!  A true homage to the original series, Marvel’s video gives us a good idea of what’s in store… 

The core concept was designed by Jonathan Hickman, and every one of the many teaser images is its own story slotting somehow into the greater whole.  Spin-offs are divided into ‘Last Days‘, ‘Battleworld‘ and ‘Warzone!‘, and the result will be a Marvel Universe that has been transformed.  This promises to be epic!

But how did we get here?  What build-up is going on?  What threads are hopefully going to be tied together?  According to Axel Alonso, every book in Marvel is heading for this event.  So in this post I’m going to identify some things that are clearly part of it – and also a few that really seem like they’re going to be…


Personally, I take all this back to ‘Age of Ultron‘, published in 2013.  This was an epic time-travelling arc in which history got rewritten a couple of times; it all ended with time being shattered apart.

The consequences were enormous.  Galactus somehow crossed over to the Ultimate universe; meanwhile the barriers between our reality and the Tenth Realm were weakened (they were broken this year in ‘Original Sin‘), and Angela, Thor’s sister, emerged!

Thor's sister
These secrets have only just been revealed!

But what does it mean to say ‘time was broken’?  What were the consequences?  How is this all going to work out?  My instinct is that the Tenth Realm will be somehow important.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kyle says:

    Dr Doom and molecule man together were what made me really get that secret wars vibe. I can’t remember which current comic it was, but molecule man grabbed doom and split


    1. One of the recent Time Runs Out I think – exciting! 😀


      1. Kyle says:

        Oh yeah, must have been new avengers. It’s kinda hard to follow because I read both hickman avengers, avengers world, AND uncanny avengers. Remender’s stuff is amazing, but slightly out of “sync” I suppose


      2. Uncanny Avengers gets on my nerves – the continuity is appalling imo lol!


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