Week of Marvels 22/11/2014

This week: the philosophy of Cyclops is finally explored!  Spider-Verse goes critical, with the Amazing and Superior Spider-Man’s crossing paths!  And Marvel brings a new hero on board… White Fox!

This week in Marvel Comics

Some weeks are bigger than others, and this week is one that really affects the X-Men.

First, let’s cast our eyes to Uncanny X-Men #28.  In this issue, Cyclops talks with Omega-level Matthew Malloy – and, for the first time since AvX, Cyclops actually presents his position.

Xavier's Dream
It really is superb!

It’s a fantastic issue, and well worth a read!

Meanwhile, over in Avengers #28, the ‘Time Runs Out‘ plotline has revealed the future of the X-Men.  In this future, the X-Men are isolated in the old Weapon X compound, which is now known as the ‘X-Nation’.  And they have something…

I Have a Phoenix Egg
Where did he get it? And what will be within..?!? Is there a reason none of the promotional images for Secret Wars featured Jean Grey? Is she back anyway?!?

Over in Amazing Spider-Man #10Spider-Verse is proving well worth the read.  Spider-Woman #1 has also been released, with Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land heading it up.   You can read a fun discussion with Senior Editor Nick Lowe over on CBR,

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