Week of Marvels 13/12/2014

OK, this was the week that Christmas came early.  The Uncanny X-Men AnnualSpider-Verse; The Avengers: Age of Ultron official website… oh, and there was AXIS.  Guess every Christmas you wind up with a pair of socks as well as the cool gifts!

This week in Marvel Comics

This week has been huge.  First of all, you have the superb Uncanny X-Men Annual.  I’ve already posted a review, but for now let’s just say – again – that I genuinely view this as one of the best comics of the year, and cannot wait for the conclusion in the All-New X-Men Annual!

Tempus jumps
I love the way Tempus’ powers are realised!

Meanwhile, Spider-Verse continues, with the Inheritors growing in threat.  Dan Slott is a genius at letting you think you know the status quo before turning it upside-down in a single superb move, and I increasingly view this storyline as essential pre-reading to Secret Wars – not least because of the Inheritors’ belief that they rule the Multiverse due to their holding the mysterious Master Weaver captive.  Plus, to my delight, we finally got a brilliant scene where Amazing and Superior go head-to-head!

Reign over reality
It suddenly occurred to me to ask: why do they call themselves the Inheritors? What have they inherited, and from whom? And if they believe they rule reality… Well, let’s just remember that every Marvel book is heading for the collapse of reality into Secret Wars!

Even Spider-Verse Team-Up has an excellent story, focusing in upon Spider-Gwen and giving us a reality where Gwen’s death broke Peter Parker’s mind.  It’s well worth a read.

Meanwhile, AXIS has proved controversial.  The Scarlet Witch unleashed a spell to attack her family line – and, shockingly, it didn’t affect Magneto.

No Family
Now THERE’S a change in the status quo!

The parentage of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch has been topsy-turvy through Marvel history – at one point they were believed to be the children of the Whizzer and Miss America – and Marvel have chosen to bring this up again.  Fans have taken it as an indication that Marvel are going to retcon them as not being mutants at all, but rather as being Inhumans, although nobody from Marvel is definitively saying that’s the case.

My take?  Not really impressed, not least because of how badly-written AXIS #7 is.  The Scarlet Witch reads like a Z-list villain from the ’60s: “You have chosen to incur the vengeance of the Queen of Chaos,” she shrieks like a harpy.  It’s strange that what may be Marvel’s best event of the year, Spider-Verse, is running concurrent with what is, to date, their worst.

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