The End of X-Life as We Know It?

For an issue that Bendis promised would change everything (and not in that overused marketing way), I really feel like Bendis made good, as far as this issue goes, on that promise. With all the persistent fan rumors, that Marvel were going the New 52 route, and Bendis’ denial of all that, i felt safe in my belief that a reboot would not happen. Bendis, you crafty so-and-so, it appears you may have just commenced with a soft reboot of at least the X-Universe.

See below jump for bullet by bullet run down. BEWARE, SPOILERS BELOW.

CON: So I hate to start with a con, but that flippin cover made it look like we were going to get answers on what else is in Xavier’s will. Did we? NO. Bad show bad show. You can’t tease us like that.

Pro: Magik! I love the development of her character in Uncanny. It has been tremendous. From her taking Limbo into herself to her becoming a pupil of Dr. Strange in the past, I love where her character has gone.  Which leads to another …

Pro: Bendis’ use of Magik and her whole current status and her future. It was an extremely nice touch to see her in the New version of the 2099 X-Universe and then to see that future taken away. It was equally a dark shadow of things to come to see a different future Sorcerer Supreme in ANXM Annual #2 and then read Uncanny to see the reason why this might have happened. By the way you can check out Tom’s review of All new X-men Annual #2 HERE.

As an aside, who is Dr. Strange Sleeping with?

Con: Magneto confronting Cyclops and Malloy. His inclusion here just over complicated things, and I’m not sure how much it added to the story.

Pro: Matthew thought the same thing.

Magneto's removalPro: Eva has a plan. It’s going to make things really sticky in the X-universe and by all rights, the Cuckoos and some of the other students try to talk her out of it. Also, because of Eva’s recent time shenanigans, why would she so freely jump back into the time stream? And because of her recent time shenanigans, we know the loss she has suffered, so…why not?

eva's plan I also love the interaction with Celeste in this book.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Con: Where did Magneto go during this conversation.

Pro/Con (I’m not sure): What is this panel all about?


Con: Beast says, “I made a huge mistake.” There’s a phrase about  poop and Sherlock being right, here somewhere.

Pro: Magik saves the day, or she would have if there wasn’t a poorly timed retaliation. And then…

Con….Pro: Again I’m not sure cos this is scary, annoying, crazy and shocking all in one.

ripCon: I’m not so sure on the art this issue. It seems rushed. That is all.

So with all the nonsense and craziness happening in the Marvel universe right now, Bendis dropped a huge bomb. It’s just an impressive feat to pull this off and have me wanting more, reboot or not. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I’m happy with a reboot if this is what kicked it off. I don’t know what to expect for the future, but I’m eager to learn. What is this morally grey Xavier in the past going to do with Eva? Loved this issue despite my concerns.

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  1. Nick Navarra says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to makr the text clearer when I look at it on my phone.
    Thank you,
    Keep up the good work.


    1. loz says:

      We can look into it for you. I’ll have to check on the details of how the theme is formatted and how it looks on mobile, but thanks for reading.


    2. loz says:

      What Phone do you use?


  2. Iñigo says:

    I really like Bendis but sometimes he is annoying. He always says he´s changing the status quo and that he´s going to change everything we know about certain comic book. He said the very same thing about this storyline so I´m not convinced these deaths mean anything, they will just come back the next issue or the issue after. Besides, Magik has always been able to save people on time. Why would this time be different? That said, I liked how he wrote Illyana in the annuals. Eva is a good character who had been in the background due to the inclusión of the O5 in the title. Malloy is another mutant with infinite power who turns out to be a little boring just like Geldoff in Ultimate Spider-Man or that Omega Guy in Avengers. In other topic, Cyclops mistakenly thinks of Magneto as being responsable for the crippling of Xavier´s legs. That happenend in the movie not in the comics (that I know of). Finally, in the current volume of New Avengers it´s explained how the will of Charles Xavier has already been opened. It even gives Beast possesion of the Soul Gem which was in the care of Prof X, so why another?


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