Week of Marvels 10/01/2015

This week, a bevy of comics and an Ant-Man trailer!  The excellent Spider-Verse event kicked up some real surprises, and G. Willow Wilson strutted her stuff with the X-Men!  Plus: The Wolverines plays the long game – and what is the fate of Deadpool..?

This week in Marvel Comics

This was a great week for comic-book fans!  In the X-Men books, G. Willow Wilson began her story; reception was mixed, but she’s clearly focused very tightly on characters, and each issue will centre around a specific member of the team.  This issue was Storm, and next issue will be Psylocke.  I admit to being slightly nervous, as Psylocke’s going through a murderous phase in X-Force, and I’m concerned for continuity…

In other X-news, the Black Vortex crossover is on its way, with a sweet issue of Legendary Star-Lord that focuses on Kitty and Peter.  I admit, I think they’re a great couple, but I’m nervous – there’s a particular touch to this issue that I feel may have changed the game in ways Kitty would find worrying…

Don't spoil it
Yes, in my view they’re a sweet couple. I make no apologies about that!

And The Wolverines kicks off to an ominous beginning, with Charles Soule clearly playing the long-game!

Meanwhile, Spider-Verse continues to excel, with the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man revealing a whole new Spider-Totem – one who fans never expected!  Nick Lowe spills the beans over on Newsarama.  Plus, Marvel have brought in the Japanese Spider-Man, agent of Hel!

Equally important is Spider-Man 2099, with the return of another hero of that era (likely in time for Secret Wars).

Punisher 2099 is back
Dig those pouches! Talk about a ’90s design!

Continuing the romance theme, in my view there are fun sparks developing between Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider.

Other features include the launch of a new Ant-Man series, Operation: S.I.N., and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (I admit, I tried it, and… I’m embarrassed to admit it was actually kind of fun).

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