Review: Amazing X-Men #15

It’s confession time: I’m a Juggernaut fan.  I’m also a fan of Christopher Yost’s writing (became one back when he and Kyle were co-writing the superb ‘New X-Men’.  So ‘Amazing X-Men #15’ has everything I could have wanted – but how did it turn out?

The answer is, pretty well.  The story begins by fleshing out the concept of Cyttorak – and leaving us wondering just what he’s up to.  Yost shows a decent understanding of continuity, and is clearly familiar with the broader Juggernaut mythos – meaning that the X-Men could be in for some serious trouble.  That said, the X-Men heading off to keep the Cyttorak gem out of anybody’s hands rather amuses me.  I’m sure they’ve thought of something, but… how are they planning to pick it up? 

Tonally, the book is excellent.  Darkness and tension mix so well; and when Yost plays the ‘humour card’, it’s done so very well.  When Colossus wonders what Wolverine would do, Trance’s answer is hilarious.

What Would Wolverine Do

But as the book goes on, Yost ups the ante very well indeed.  He uses Iceman and Firestar to really make you realise the sheer potential of the Juggernaut concept, and those comments make me wonder if we could be in for a classic Juggernaut story.

I Fought the Juggernaut Once
I love the interplay between the characters in this scene. But seriously, why has Bobby gone back to never bothering with a costume? Is he just trying to prove he’s a Disney Princess? “Cold never bothered me anyway!”

Yost shows an excellent awareness of continuity.  I was delighted at Domino’s cameo appearance in this issue – it’s good to see the fun relationship between Domino and Colossus continued so long after ‘Cable and X-Force’.  I rather thought they were a cute couple, and given all the hassle Domino’s been dealing with over in ‘Punisher’ and ‘Deathlok’ she deserves something good in her life.

Lucky Domino
Storm is seriously getting a rep.

The confrontation between Storm and Colossus is a moment that’s very, very controversial; but, in Storm’s defence, she opens the conversation by clearly being in the midst of a bout of grief, warning Colossus that now isn’t a good time.  Marvel have, for some reason, tried to make out that Storm and Wolverine were some ‘big thing’, and so I’m willing to accept Yost following this lead and having Storm be slightly out of control.  And bluntly: for all the harshness, the lady had a point.

Trust Issues
Wow. Harsh!

Personally, I think this was a really good book.  I’m definitely in for the ride.  For me?  4/5

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  1. London says:

    I’m willing to perceive Storm’s more emotional grief a depth progression of the character from the 80s when Storm was Silvestri-styled stoic. She’s had a honeymoon since then and a divorce so maybe she’s just more emotional a person than the younger idealist. But the Juggy possibilities are delicious 😉


    1. Yeah I think sometimes Storm’s current antagonistic character has been overdone, but I actually don’t see this as one of those moments 🙂 Agreed, SO many possibilities!


  2. Iñigo PM says:

    Grat review. I am big fan of Juggernaut, too. Amazing Spider-Man 129-130, Marvel Team-Up 150, Peter Parker Spider-Man 84, Thor 411-412 & 427-429, Thunderstrike 2, Excalibur 3 and X-Men 102-103, 183, 190, 217-218 and New Excalibur 1-24 are some of my favorite Cain Marko reads and some that I fully recommend. That said, I have high hopes for this arc (though I know he won’t be returning as the avatar). Sadly, the art is the worst I’ve seen in years. I don’t know what to make of the before mentioned Ororo-Peter scene. I know she has motive to treat him like garbage and even more after the way he beat her in Brian Wood’s X-Men. What I don’t like is the way some beloved characters are witten. Colossus was known for his noble soul not as the jerk we have seen latel. Same with Storm, she was the ‘perfect’ leader, able to hid her feelings. The scene’s intent is to portray her like a woman in turmoil with all that has happen in her life in recent months but she just came out as a b***ch taking out her rage with all her friends. I just didn’t like her in this issue. Yost has a tendency for the overly dramatic, so I’ll give him that, I just hope this doesn’t become the norm for Ororo. Also enjoyed Domino’s bit and hope to see more of her. All in all, a good read


    1. Like you, I’m unsure of the Ororo-Piotr thing, but I’m going to do an article on that on Wednesday, I think! 😀


  3. Iñigo PM says:

    Looking forward to it!


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