Week of Marvels 17/01/2015

Let’s face it, the biggest Marvel news this week is undeniably of the Star Wars kind!

This week in Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron’s Star Wars #1 is undeniably a blockbuster, selling over a million copies!  Situated between ‘A New Hope‘ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘, the story simulates the wit and humour of the movies pretty well.  As Mark Hamill recently commented, ‘Star Wars‘ is now in the hands of the fans, and it shows.

May the Force be with us all
I wonder what happens when Threepio has a GOOD feeling about things?

Of course, the real test of the series is how well #2 does.  But, with #1 having a cliffhanger ending featuring Luke facing off against a certain Sith Lord as Obi-Wan’s spirit tells him to run, I reckon it’ll perform well!

In other comic-book news, Amazing X-Men kicked off a new Juggernaut arc – I’ve already written a review – and Cyclops took a side-step in its journey towards Black Vortex.  Avengers took a twist that I could never have anticipated, with Marvel seeming to bring a shocking end to the rivalry between the Sub-Mariner and the Black Panther…

Panther's revenge
Wakanda and Atlantis have torn each other to shreds in the aftermath of ‘AvX’. It all comes to a head in Avengers #40!

In spite of the darkness, the issue is also filled with moments of real humour.  Speculation immediately raged that a particular death was due to film rights, and Comic Book Legends did an unusual article about this.

One other comic I want to pick up on: Silver Surfer, a series I’ve started watching after Tom Brevoort named it as one he’s particularly proud of.  This has turned into a rather charming story, and the relationship between the Surfer and Dawn Greenwood takes a twist this issue.  It’s a fun series, and I recommend it.

The Silver Surfer and Dawn are such a sweet couple!

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  1. loz says:

    Not to be insensitive to all those who were hoping beyond all hope that McKellen and Stewart would be in the next movie, this isn’t a big surprise. Wasn’t it announced before DOFP even came out that this would be the last time (bar Wolverine possibly) that we would see any of the original cast in a movie?


    1. I think it was strongly rumoured, yeah, but now it’s official at least!


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