Loz’s Reaction: Uncanny X-Men #30

So I have a question. Is Bendis’ X-Men long-winded and meandering, or is it high stakes tension and genius story telling? Every time I indulge the possibility of it being the former, Bendis does something to prove to me that it is in fact the latter. Like a punch to the face, Uncanny X-Men #30 takes no mercy and keeps me excited for next months issue.  See below the break for the Pros/cons and join me in my anticipation.


Pro: Let’s get this out-of-the-way shall we? While last issue was a shock to the brain, This issue was the gut punch. So much good and I loved the art. I feel Bachalo did a great job.

Pro: The first scene with Maria Hill. Cyclops, Magik and Malloy are still dead. This scene is a great opener to the issue and I loved Hill’s reaction.

Pro: I love the switches in scenes. Don’t know why it’s just this issue that I noticed it more but the transitions are pleasantly jarring and increase the tension every time they happen.  Which leads to…

Pro:Eva’s chat with Xavier. The coloring is so sunny and happy in contrast to everything else and it just made me wary, and not randomly so.

Pro: This scene. It’s kind of chilling. Oh Charlie, if this offends you, Guess what Beast did?

Dark Xavier

Pro: Eva’s response here is another reason she is a true X-man to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Emma, Cyclops, and Magik.  See below.


Pro: Another chilling moment when Xavier realizes he won’t be around in the future to help Malloy.

Pro: Let’s just take a break from the story to acknowledge how interesting the layouts are in this issue.

Pro: Malloy wakes up. Hell breaks loose.

Pro: S.H.I.E.L.D  agent’s are recorded at all times. Snigger.

Aside: What the hell are Magik’s hair decorations made of that they survived the assassination and she didn’t?

Con: Malloy can’t resurrect Cyclops and Magik. Which is tragically important a bit later.

Pro: This quiet moment when Kitty asks about Magik. Beast’s look says it all.


Pro: I know Tom already mentioned this in HIS REVIEW,  But Emma really shines in this issue and it’s heart-breaking and interesting, and tragic and shocking, and I felt every moment of it. For a second I thought, “YES! This is how her powers come back. The grief is palpable and damaging to everyone nearby. Until…

Emma grieving

CON: THIS Happens.

Emma DemiseNothing else matters in this issue. Well not until Xavier arrives with Eva in the present and …

Pro/Con: “To Me My X-Men.” SHUDDER. This was horrifying. This is where all the things I fear about Xavier’s history of power abuse comes flooding in. It’s creepy. It’s full of tension. Bendis has made me ache to get my hands on the next issue.

Dark Xavier2

Gosh, this issue really tugged at my heart. As any frequent reader here knows, I’m a huge Emma fan. I feel like she has been the backbone to the team since v4 issue 1. It’s not because of Magneto or even Cyclops  that has been the stalwart of the team. Emma has been there for the students while all other senior X-men on the team have been distracted. Just look at them all.

Magik’s been back and forth in time with Dr Strange. Magneto’s been on his solo mini crusade. Dazzler is having stolen identity issues. Cyclops has been having a mental breakdown under everyone’s noses.  Emma, while not without her own issues, has been the closest thing these kids have had to a leader and protector and teacher. I literally have no idea how this is going to play out, especially with Secret War on the horizon. Anyway, all thumbs up for this issue.

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  1. Cool review! I’ll do a reread actually – I thought it was the Eye of Agamotto that survived, not Magik’s hair decorations!


    1. loz says:

      Yet there they are on her skull.


      1. So I’ve seen. Weird lol. Wonder if they were mystic…


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