Tom’s Reactions: Uncanny X-Men #30

Okay, it’s official: I have absolutely no idea where this X-Men story is going.

The story so far: a tremendously powerful mutant, Matthew Malloy, has emerged – Xavier’s ‘Original Sin’, a mutant who was kept under wraps for decades.  This being has power over life, death, reality – pretty much anything and everything.  And his insane power-levels destroyed a town the moment he flared up on to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar.

After downing a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and teleporting X-Men wherever he wanted, Malloy was approached by Cyclops, who tried to get him on-side.  Magik turned up with the Eye of Agamotto from the past to try to help.  And…

S.H.I.E.L.D. struck.  Cyclops died.  Magik died.  Matthew Malloy died.  Maria Hill’s shocked comments in this issue are so accurate:

Scott Summers is dead
OK, even in as twisty and turny an issue as this, Bendis gets some cool one-liners in!

And, to cap it all off, Eva Bell – time-traveller extraordinaire – has upped the ante of the weird and wacky by travelling to the past in order to meet Charles Xavier and try to rewrite all of this.

I’m going to be honest that I expected time to be rewritten.  I expected to see Cyclops and Magik by Page Four – hale and hearty, back in the land of the living.  Instead, I got a book in which the X-Men reel with shock, in which Beast’s Cerebro tells him of Scott’s death, and in which Emma’s own loss is aired powerfully.

Emma grieving

I’ll make no bones about it; there is a resurrection here.  But there’s also another major X-Men death, one that left me reading in shock.  I truly didn’t see that coming.

And, bringing the issue to a climax, Professor Xavier makes his choice – he refuses to change the past.  Instead, he will change the future.

This is an issue like no other.  Last issue startled me with the deaths; this issue left me reeling.  I think it’s going to be rewritten – hasn’t Tom Brevoort said that all of the ‘Original Sin’ stories take place before ‘AXIS’, and doesn’t Cyclops appear in ‘AXIS’?  Hasn’t Cyclops appeared in ‘Time Runs Out’ as leader of Nation X, months in the future?

But Brian Bendis seems to be doing everything he can to avoid changing the past.  Instead, he’s going to change the future.

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