Christina’s Reaction: Uncanny X-men #30

Confessions of a Binge Reader — Or “How I learned to stop caring about continuity and love the X-men again.”

I’m very happy right now and that makes me angry. And I blame Brian Michael Bendis for it.

Many of you don’t know me, so you don’t know that my work relocates me frequently from my steady diet of comics and has put me on the Marvel Unlimited 6 month lag program. As such I don’t do many current reviews, so don’t expect the scintillating insights you’ll get in Tom or Loz‘s reviews.

But that was okay. I admit it, I was getting bored with the X-men. In fact, until today I was comfortable waiting out the slow pacing, checking review sites and even spending the last few weeks obsessing with righteous fury over a one-line retcon that made Magneto Charles Xavier’s crippler and Jean Grey’s cold-blooded murderer in one fell swoop.


Then the second Uncanny X-men #30 hit, Tom and Loz were through the roof.  Seeing these two positively reeling, texts flying wildly about, I marched over to my computer and promptly downloaded the last 8 issues of Uncanny and read them in an hour.

And I HATE Brian Michael Bendis.

In Uncanny #29 we saw the death of two major characters with no six-month warning complete with variant covers, tribute issues and multi-book relaunches. Who does that? Not Marvel. We didn’t even get a shocking tell-all cover. The nerve.

So of course they’ll be back this issue with an 11th-hour save. Or…..not? And the hits keep coming, not only do we not see a return, we see a declaration of NO return. Right before another one dies.


Two long-time favorite characters are dead as dead can get. Another one I’m fond of just joined them, and even more casually brushed aside almost like an afterthought. No one’s had time to even feel their grief, every X-man has been sent reeling. I know how they feel.

And now I don’t know what to do. And I love it.

It’s the most exciting X-men has been to me since before Schism started. I can’t bring myself to believe that they’re just going to leave three major players off the field with no real fan fare and all at once. I certainly don’t believe Emma Frost is going out in a one-panel brush-off. But I just don’t know. It seems anything could happen.

Emma Demise

Eva’s returned to the present with a petulant young Charles Xavier. We’ve seen his self-serving disguised as righteousness revealed more and more over the last few years. (If you forget Bendis reminds you this issue. Go Eva.) There is really NO way to know how (not if) a young indignant Xavier is going to step in. Or what Magneto is going to have to say. Don’t forget about him standing there on the sidelines watching this. He’s not really a spectator type, he’s sure to have a hand to play.


In one hour of reading, I’ve become convinced there is a plan, this WILL play out before we dive into Secret Wars, it WILL resolve. And somehow it’s all going to come down to everything being in the hands of Charles Xavier at what might possibly be his most indignant. And THAT should scare the hell out of everyone.

Damn you Bendis, you made me love the X-men all over again.

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  1. Great review, I wasn’t as excited by Bendis’ writing as you were though sadly. It seems to me that Bendis is having more fun moving random pieces around than he is writing actual characters, all with the benefit of an arbitrary time-travel plot mechanism in play to clean everything up afterwards.

    I’m hoping there is some kind of larger plan in place, but I’m not sure it will be awfully satisfying.


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