Week of Marvels 31/01/2015

This was a week where you really don’t want to be missing the comics!  Is Brian Bendis wiping out the X-Men?  What’s going on in the Multiverse?  And just what is Peter David getting ready for ‘Secret Wars‘?

This week in Marvel Comics

This week saw a flurry of excitement in Uncanny X-Men (just in case you didn’t notice…).  The time-space continuum may never be the same again!

Eva sure does have character!

Rick Remender has launched the new series of Uncanny Avengers.  With only Rogue as a mutant who’s not usually associated with the Avengers anyway, the team should really be dropping the ‘Uncanny’ label sometime soon…

Over in ‘New Avengers #29‘, Jonathon Hickman has actually managed to up the ante.  Seriously, he’s winding the multiverse down, and he’s managed to up the ante!  

A Dozen

In a haunting issue, Hickman has told of the multiversal collapse beyond all measure; of the rout of the Captain Britain corps; and of a single death much closer to home…

Playing god
The Infinity Gauntlet is gone. The Cosmic Cube is gone. And… Franklin Richards..?

In other events ‘worthy’ of note, Thor went head-to-head with Thor, and Spider-Man 2099 continues his fun Spider-Verse arc.  Peter David is building realities that, I’m convinced, he’s preparing to use in ‘Secret War‘…

We have a problem
Oh boy, here we go…

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