Hank McCoy Loves Jean Grey

So far Mah Muse Comics has covered some tragic and doomed relationships, and while this one isn’t quite doomed…yet, it doesn’t look good for Hank McCoy and Jean Grey. I’m not sure if their resolution is open-ended, already dead, or if there’s a possibility that somehow with Cyclops in outer space that maybe these two still have a chance. See below for the rundown.


All New X-Men began this thread of romance quite early on when they revealed that where/when the original X-men came from, Cyclops and Marvel Girl’s relationship wasn’t set in stone. This was questioned further when O5 Jean was practicing her telekinesis with Beast and with her newfound telepathy read Beast’s mind.



Yeah, way to go Beast. This is just another idiotic move in a long line of idiotic moves, a couple of which:

  • Bringing the O5 X-Men to the present because you couldn’t handle your own emotions, rage and self-righteousness.
  • Letting the O5 Jean read her own complicated timeline from your mind.


No Beast, while accidental, this new mistake is just a clanger, and has just set up your younger self for some major heartache.

Of course O5 Jean follows through with this new revelation and in a manner that is deliciously flawed, as has become her M.O , decides to confront O5 Hank with the (again deliciously flawed) “When were you going to tell me that you’re in love with me?” Oh Jean!

Of course, Hank angrily rebukes her and reveals that he is actually deeply in love with her, but he believes she and Cyclops are meant to be together. Her reply is ” I’m not in love with him.” This led to one of the sweetest moments in All New X-Men of all time.


At this point I wanted their relationship to be the one to prevail. Could Jean Grey be the one to save Hank from his future self?

Unfortunately Hank showed a scientific curiosity that couldn’t have come at a more inopportune moment. The Brotherhood from the future showed up and Hank was not the one to show his support of an anxious Jean.


And with that rebuttal, Jean went to the other person she felt she could trust, Cyclops.

Let’s cut to the present. We never got a resolution of how Hank felt about that decision. However, it seems all that was needed was truth serum from Ultimate Doom, and we get the full emotion and tragedy of Beast’s decision.  It just gets worse…


and worse…




Yeah, that sucks…like a lot….

So why do I hang on to the possibility that theirs could be a relationship that works?

Despite the element of disregard Jean is showing to Hank, imagine the changes in the timeline had Jean ended up with Hank?  Think about the resolution to a lot of the major story lines. This relationship was so fresh and endearing, and a far cry from the status quo and expected characteristics of the present Jean Grey (who’s dead… STILL….Praise the heavens), and Beast, the hypocrite, king of all bad decision makers in the history of the X-men. Let’s not forget he is responsible for the deaths of Magik and Cyclops. Anyway. Marvel…let these two be a couple. This is my Valentines wish.

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  1. WCT says:

    I hate that Jean blames Scott for something he didn’t do and move right to tjr next guy so easily. She’s known for cheating on scott anyway so whatever. Still don’t like her, especially now.


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