Week of Marvels 21/02/2015

This week, we finally learned the secret of Xavier’s Last Will and Testament; concept art came out on X-Men: Apocalypse; and Secret Wars takes shape!

This week in Marvel Comics

This was the week the most explosive Uncanny X-Men arc in years came to a head.

It’s worth picking out that this was also the issue where the solicitations fell apart as far as the Bendis books are concerned.  In fact, this time round even the cover is a direct contradiction!

In other comic book news, Silk began her own series with a world of background cast who’ve already been fleshed out over the decades – smart move.  CBR have a cool interview with Robbie Thompson on rebuilding Silk’s life.

Over in Legendary Star-Lord, the Black Vortex claims another hero – and offers tantalising clues to how it works.

Black Vortex Angel
The design is ominously reminiscent of Archangel. But, of course, Archangel was fashioned by Celestial technology, so that makes sense.

Finally, is this the end of the Silver Surfer?


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