Week of Marvels 28/02/2015

This week – spoilers galore on Avengers: Age of Ultron!  The launch of Spider-Gwen!  More Secret Wars revelations!  And… what role is a British actor going to play in X-Men: Apocalypse?

This week in Marvel Comics

Probably the biggest news this week was the release of ‘Spider-Gwen #1‘, in which Jason Latour and Roddi Rodriguez proved whether or not they could keep up the momentum.  And the answer seems to be clear; they can.

But there’s been other big news this week as well.  ‘Black Vortex‘ continued in ‘All-New X-Men #38‘, although fan reactions were mixed.  Over in ‘Amazing X-Men‘, we finally beheld the new Juggernaut – and this guy certainly has potential… Meanwhile, we finally got to see Cain Marko’s reaction to his step-brother’s death.

Marvel - Cain Marko mourns
It’s a fascinating moment to see!

For Spider-Man comics, ‘Amazing Spider-Man #15‘ wrapped up the epic ‘Spider-Verse‘ event, with the face-off everybody’s been longing to see – Peter Parker versus Otto Octavius’ Spectacular Spider-Man!  And spinning out of this, ‘Spider-Man 2099‘ returned to his own time – sort of – in ‘Spider-Man 2099 #9‘.

In ‘Fantastic Four #643‘, we’re building up to the end of ‘Fourever‘, and things are hotting up.  The Fantastic Four work best when the odds are against them, and in this issue we truly see why – with Reed Richards’ genius turning the tables in a superb twist.  But the threat is global, and their enemies are gaining in power…

The whole Marvel mainstream continuity is under attack!
Yes, the whole world is in danger. And Reed’s reaction?

Finally, I’d also pull out ‘New Avengers #30‘, which finally pulled back the curtain on what Jonathan Hickman’s been doing.  It was a bit too much of a ‘tell, not show’ issue, but certainly the mystery of ‘Secret Wars‘ is finally being revealed.

But what is driving the Beyonders’ evil actions?

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