Secret Wars and the X-Men

It’s really not that long since fans were fearing that the X-Men were being phased out of the Marvel Universe.  But now, as the details emerge about ‘Secret Wars’, we can see that the X-Men really do have a lot ahead of them… Here, I want to cast my eyes to the confirmed titles that will deal with Marvel’s merry mutants!



When Marvel announced the ‘A-Force’ title, my first reaction was to feel that it really does look to be a tad gimmicky.  That said, though, the all-female ‘X-Men’ book has avoided that feeling rather well, in spite of the dramatic turnover of writers.  And this book is to be penned by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett, both up-and-coming writers whose success and skill is unquestionable.

The cover art released to date is startling – it includes a number of classic X-Men, namely Dazzler, Rogue, Storm, Phoenix, Pixie, and Jubilee.  Again, my initial reaction was to suspect that not all of these fair ladies will be in the book, but interviews have indicated that’s not the case.

Marvel are going to create a feminist paradise, threatened by a familiar threat; A-Force must gather to protect it all.  This is clearly a book to be watching, especially if you want to see some old-school X-Men!



Given one of the Battleworld realms is Limbo, ‘Inferno’ is no real surprise.  Penned by controversial writer Dennis Hopeless (the guy behind ‘Avengers Arena’), this series is based in a realm where the X-Men lost the original ‘Inferno’ plotline.  Now, years later, Colossus leads a small band of X-Men into a literal Hell on Earth to rescue his sister, Magik.  Given she’s been in the hands of demons for years, this might be a mistake…

The series will feature a return of key characters from that era of Marvel history, including the demons N’astirch and S’ym; it also features the return of Madelyne Prior as the Goblin Queen, and a brainwashed Havok (seriously, can the man never catch a break?).

I don’t know whether it means anything or not, but a variant cover features a rather hot image of the present-day Magik.  Will she play a part in this too?


In Killville, M.O.D.O.K. is the greatest killer in the world.  But, while this seems to be an interesting enough story, it’s been teased that nearest neighbours are the Sentinel lands from ‘Days of Future Past’ and Magneto’s territories from ‘House of M’.  And yes, these neighbours will come calling for M.O.D.O.K.!


Brian Bendis is returning to the world of Old Man Logan!  Set in a future in which the world has been brought to the edge of destruction and Logan has been wandering a wasteland, this book will pick up on Logan’s quest to make the world a better place.  As Bendis said:

“This is Wolverine as Clint Eastwood in ‘Unforgiven’. This is a Wolverine on a desperate road to redemption. But unlike most people in Secret Wars he will have a sense that things aren’t the way they should [be], not like Wolverine and House of M, but Old Man Logan will venture out of his section of Battleworld and into others. On a quest. And he will be one of the characters most affected by the outcome of this event.”


Secret Wars Jubilee

This is the book I didn’t expect to see.  Noelle Stevenson is refreshing the concept of the Runaways, this time gathering a handful of kids in a school that has a sinister secret.  And those kids include an iteration of everybody’s favourite firecracker, Jubilee!


It’s no surprise that Sam Humphries is sticking with the plot of Star-Lord’s romance with Kitty Pryde, but this series looks set to turn it upside-down rather well – this book’s Kitty Pryde is from ‘Age of Apocalypse’!  An action comedy with a few twists, this promises to be very interesting…



All the iterations of Thor gather to police Battleworld under the pen of Jason Aaron!  And careful eyes noticed a familiar figure on the cover – Storm, infused with the power of the Goddess of Thunder!


This was another unexpected addition to the ‘Secret Wars’ event, with Marc Guggenheim and Di Giandomenico working together to pen what promises to be an intriguing book.  This is based ten years after the fall of Cameron Hodge, in a world where Havok and Wolfsbane strove to rebuild the island nation of Genosha.  But what sounds suspiciously like the Legacy Virus has been released, and the island-nation begins to destabilise…

. ~ .

These are the only the confirmed titles at time of writing, and that list will no doubt grow – we know that the ‘Age of Apocalypse‘, ‘Years of Future Past‘ and ‘House of M‘ are waiting in the wings.  But what do you think of the announcements so far?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. GothamRogue says:

    My Top 3 are:

    #1: Runaways
    #2.: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde
    #3: A-Force


    1. Runaways has really got me interested!


  2. 1: Inferno
    2: old man Logan
    3: A force
    4: Runaways
    5: Star lord & kitty pryde.


    1. Yeah, Inferno took me by surprise 🙂


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