Week of Marvels 07/03/2015

This week – spoilers galore on Avengers: Age of Ultron!  Spider-Woman launches her new costume!  And we learn more about the X-Men’s role in Secret Wars

This week in Marvel Comics

There are really three major comic events in this week’s Marvel Comics!

First of all, cast your eyes to Avengers #42, in which the build-up to ‘Secret Wars‘ is truly getting explosive.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s just say the armies of the universe are gathering with one objective in mind: the destruction of the Earth.

Meanwhile, over in Avengers World #18, we’re seeing the build-up to ‘Time Runs Out‘.  Specifically, it’s time to bring on Sunspot, and we’re seeing just how Roberto DaCosta bought out A.I.M.  Let’s just say the answer it’s not looking like an easy takeover…

And finally, over in Spider-Woman #5, we finally see the much-touted new costume!  I love the self-referential style of the mag, not least with how it explains the costume change:


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