Week of Marvels 14/03/2015

This week – a MAJOR announcement for the X-Men in Secret Wars!  Superb posters for Age of Ultron!  And more!

This week in Marvel Comics

Star Wars continues to flourish, with major releases that are performing seriously well.  But for X-Men fans, the week was dominated by All-New X-Men #37, which, due to the Ultimate arc over-running, actually wound up published after All-New X-Men #38!

You're a lot bigger

Two major events are building up.  Over in Fantastic Four #644, ‘Fourever‘ is heading towards the closing issues for Marvel’s First Family.  That said, I’m increasingly curious as to whether or not this ‘cancellation’ is everything we’re making it out to be.  I mean, during ‘Secret Wars‘ it looks like a lot of series – including flagship titles such as ‘All-New X-Men‘, ‘New Avengers‘ and even ‘Avengers‘ – are coming to an end, likely to be relaunched when the event is over.  Is it possible ‘Fantastic Four‘ will be relaunched soon too?

But the biggest news is New Avengers #31, where the identity of the being driving the end of universes has been revealed.  The mysteries are being disclosed, and the result is… well…

For once, I’m not going to spoil you.  Read it and see!

In other news, Marvel have launched Howard the Duck.  It’s been a success, so they’re happy, but it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (i.e. mine!).  Spider-Gwen continues to excite, though, so I’m happy!

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