Ignite the Inferno!

This week I want to cast my eye to a very specific ‘Secret Wars’ title, one that I’m getting increasingly excited about.  Bring on the Inferno!

The famous ‘Inferno’ plotline was the culmination of a long-running X-Men plotline, with Madelyne Pryor – Cyclops’ first wife – going completely insane.  Taking up the identity of the Goblin Queen, Madelyne made a deal with demons, and the result was Hellfire raining down upon New York!

Secret Wars’ promises to revisit this, but in style.  Dennis Hopeless, writer of controversial titles like ‘Avengers Arena’ (which I loved) is taking us to a reality where the X-Men lost, and where Manhattan is a charred, burnt-out husk dominated by the demonic spire of the Empire State Building.  Five years have passed since the X-Men’s defeat, and the world looks bleak.

One of the then-New Mutants, Magik, had close ties with the demons of Limbo – and in this arc, Hopeless intends to explore her Darkchylde persona.  Colossus will be leading a desperate attempt to rescue his ‘Little Snowflake’, allying with Nightcrawler, Boom Boom, Domino, and more – but, of course, time passes differently in Limbo, and Colossus’ little sister may well be all grown up…

The art looks fantastic.  The first cover is breathtaking:

Inferno 1

A classic Madelyne Pryor, a classic Magik, and the X-Men defeated – just what every X-fan could want!

But then you have a growing anomaly.  Check out Adi Granov’s variant cover featuring the present-day Magik:

Inferno 1 variant

My first reaction was to think this was nothing more than a variant cover, but then another image has started circulating:

Inferno 2

This is the cover to #2 of the series.  And notice that the Soulsword being wielded by Colossus is the present-day design.

All this is making me wonder: given realities are intertwining on Battleworld, will we actually see Colossus and Magik from the normal timeline?  It might be appropriate if we’re seeing Colossus and Domino together, as they are in the mainstream universe.

And if so, as Craig Black from the X-Men group suggested to me, will we see resolution of a hint in ‘Battle of the Atom’?  In that arc, we met a future Colossus who wielded the Soulsword, apparently a gift from Magik; and we also had an ominous bit of dialogue that suggested Magik would commit suicide…

What do you think?

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  1. Michael Brower says:

    The Adi Granov illustration of Magik, was originally just a commission piece, but Marvel thought it would go well with this title, so it’s being used as a variant.


    1. Cheers for the heads-up, wasn’t aware of that! But the Adi Granov image is AWESOME.

      That being said, I’m still curious about seeing the more recent Soulsword on the latest cover…


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