Week of Marvels 20/03/2015

With controversy raging for Marvel Comics this week, it’s been a fascinating one to keep an eye on!  Plus: The X-Men go Egyptian!  Beast realises the depths of his mistakes!  And more!

This week in Marvel Comics

It’s been a challenging week for Marvel, and not in terms of publications.  An old case of cyber-bullying between Chris Sims and Valerie D’Orazio from 2007-2010 caused a bit of a stir, prompting the following response from Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso over on his ‘Axel-In-Charge‘ column:

We had no knowledge of what transpired on the Internet between Chris and Valerie. We have since come to understand that several years ago both were active voices in the comics community — both were bloggers and Valerie wrote a couple of stories for Marvel, including a “Punisher” one-shot that I edited — that some sort of bad blood developed between them, and that Chris crossed lines in his treatment of Valerie that were indefensible, as he himself acknowledged. In his formal public apology, Chris took full responsibility for his actions. Some believe Chris is sincere — Comics Alliance wrote an editorial supporting him — and some don’t. While we condemn Chris’ past actions, we see his strongly worded apology as evidence that he now understands that verbal bullying and harassment of anyone is totally, unequivocally wrong.

Another controversy was a claim that Marvel had asked for a character’s skin to be lightened, but in the same discussion Axel Alonso explained that was because the issue was being coloured by multiple colourists and they kind of wanted the skin colour to remain the same on every page, whatever shade it was.

Over in the comics, Black Vortex continued in both All-New X-Men #39 and Guardians Team-Up #3.  In it, we discovered the consequences of Hank McCoy’s actions:

Space-time is broken

Meanwhile, the Silk series is going from strength to strength, while – as I’d guessed – Captain America and the Mighty Avengers do indeed look to be facing something akin to the Beyonders…

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