Week of Marvels 04/04/2015

The excitement is building for Avengers: Age of Ultron – and for Daredevil!  Plus: what will the future hold for the X-Men?

This week in Marvel Comics

In this week’s comics, the Black Vortex event rumbles on – with some very strange and awkward new looks for Cyclops, Iceman, and Groot.  One thing is really starting to bug me about this crossover; does a ‘cosmic upgrade’ for every character mean they can survive in space?  I know that’s not the biggest problem with the event, which is feeling rather lacklustre, but – well, it’s just bugging me.

In other events, Uncanny Avengers continues with its exploration of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, while the Vision’s curious teaser is finally clear.

Vision is an Avenger

Uncanny Inhumans has kicked off with tremendous effect, and has really impressed me.

Original Graphic Novel Rage of Ultron has been released, and strikes a typically Rick Remender odd note.  I’m unsure that the resolution is particularly wise, to be honest.

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