Iceman: The All-New Original

A guest post by CJ Nash

There’s been a lot of speculation since the news broke late Monday (about 7:45 PM April 20th, 2015 Central Standard Time). There’s also been a LOT of media commentary—most of which I do not approve of because it was a spoiler (equal to finding out that Reed Richards isn’t Franklin’s daddy, but the cosmic forces that were contained in Sue were. Would you want someone to spoil that read?)

Here, I’m going to go about it a bit differently than the usual Mah Muse article. I’ll be giving a read & react: as I read the comic, digitally, I will write.

1. We open on Utopia island and it seems as if bandits are salvaging for stuff to sell on the black market.

2. They made a mistake. That must be Boom Boom doin’ her thang. The bandits, the living, were actually nicer than expect…but the Utopians had a deal.

3. The O5 (Jeannie, Hank, Scottie, Warren, Bobby, and Laura) are back on Earth and Hank’s mind is whirling “Science!” Magik is proving that she is the better professor with a gift of meat. Warren appears to still be cosmically powered.

4. Magik gets free food, I like that in a woman. Bobby’s first lines aren’t anything special, “What did you eat in outer space?” Magik is now in charge of training and I think that the potential for hilarity is so very there. Haha, “Tyke-lops.”

5. Magik leaves to deal with The Xavier School students. Bobby makes a “manly” salute to Magik’s hotness and Jean scolds him. They step to the side and start to talk. The interaction is a bit more genuine than the leaked images would suggest. (It has been confirmed that Magik knows that she is hot.)


6. The Scene. But… You know… What? Come on… … … What’s happening? Bobby…you’re gay.

7. Bobby looks terrified and Jean as if she is handling a small, scared animal. Keep your psychic to yourself Jean. Bobby learn to repress psychics, not feelings. Bobby needs time so he shushes Jean. Repeatedly.

8. We see that the other 3 are listening and only Scottie and Hank are wondering what is happening. Laura is listening intently with her heightened senses, duh. Bobby raises the question of Robert, and Jean confirms that he is indeed STRAIGHT. “but my older self isn’t. We’ve met him.” “I know.” ”So…” “But you–” “Stop.” “Are.” Bobby then voices that he doesn’t know why everyone is in love with Jean. She jokes that it’s because he’s gay. “Too soon?” “Waaaaaay too soon.” So, this interaction did seem a bit more genuine. Very light on dialogue and relies heavily on art that isn’t too expressive, but I can dig it.


9. “How can my older self NOT be, but I AM?” Jean voices this perfectly: “It’s a unique situation.” So, O5 Bobby is full gay. It’s there. He’s admitted it and it’s been confirmed by psychic extraordinaire, Jean Grey.

10. The hug scene that we’ve all read. Nothing great about it, except “Tyke-lops.” Does this make Jean his official hag?

11. WHOA! We’re switching gears to S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. I didn’t expect this, but it also ties into Utopia. Sorry, Hill, but mutants are a rowdy bunch. Maria is doing what I do when I get lonely, except she is without chocolate. CAN SOMEONE GET HER SOME CHOCOLATE STAT!!!


12. Back to the O5. It’s Warren’s turn to speak. Hank is “Science!”-ing and Laura is still a bit sick at Warren submitting to the Vortex. So, what real changes has he been through?


13. Laura agrees to fly with him.

14. Warren wants to explain why he submitted.

15. Angel gets a B- for reasoning and A+ for heart.

16. Angel gets a kiss. (Has anyone else noticed that there are two members of the O5 with blue (Scottie and Bobby) and orange(Laura and Hank) and she has those highlights?)

17. Back to Utopia. S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to make landfall and get blown down. I’m not familiar with all of the 6 shown Utopians (there are more according to S.H.I.E.L.D.), but I do know Elixir (who died in Wolverines a few months ago) and Karma.


18. This is followed by a shot of Jeannie and her eyes blazing like a Phoenix for the next issue. I’m exited. I’m so stoked.

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