Bryan Singer and Fox Miss a Chance

Bryan Singer’s latest tweet is a bit of a blunder on Fox’s part…

In the comics, the father of Cyclops and Havok is none other than Christopher Summers, a suave swashbuckling space pirate.  See, Corsair and his wife were kidnapped by aliens back in the day, leaving Cyclops and Havok believing themselves to be orphans.  Their mother didn’t survive, and Corsair wouldn’t return for years.

Sure, at first glance this seems an irrelevant plot, but consider: Fox have the rights to both X-Men and Fantastic Four, and are apparently aiming to build a shared universe (isn’t everybody?).  The Fantastic Four are particularly notable for their space-adventures, and X-Men: Apocalypse introduces Apocalypse’s spacecraft, so we’re moving into the same kind of ballpark.

Except Fox don’t have rights to most of the traditional Fantastic Four aliens – you know, races like the Kree or the Inhumans that the Kree create.  But they do have rights to the FF’s Skrulls (hence ‘The Avengers‘ used the Chitauri as their substitute), and they also have rights to the X-Men’s Shi’ar.

You know who kidnapped Corsair and his wife?  Yup, the Shi’ar.

If Fox are attempting to build a shared universe, then Corsair is a tremendously useful building block.  One they evidently aren’t too bothered about using.  It’s a wasted opportunity, and it’s a shame to see it.

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  1. TJ says:

    Couldn’t agree more when I first saw this image… Then I heard that Singer is wrapping this little X-Men Universe after The Wolverine 2, so I’m guessing he’s not looking at the bigger picture with things to come. Would’ve loved this scene to have Viggo Morteson watching on a monitor of The Starjammer’s bridge


    1. chamlet5127 says:

      Viggo Mortensen as Corsair. Hmmmmm, I’d be on board with that.


  2. David Norris says:

    You guys have no imagination. What did Cyclops also have ? Foster parents. Not a missed chance. You’re just whiney children.


    1. OK I’ll grant you that one 🙂 It didn’t occur to me, a rather obvious point that I managed to completely miss!


      1. loz says:

        now go to your room.


      2. I’m already there :p


      3. chamlet5127 says:

        Which you did realize later on. Maybe you should write an edit disclaimer at the bottom of this one so that this one misstep in reasoning isn’t in danger of ruining your streak of well-thought out articles. Because clearly otherwise you’re just useless from here on out.


    2. Oh, actually, I’ve just been reminded that Cyclops was never fostered – he was recruited to the X-Men straight from the orphanage 🙂


  3. loz says:

    Oh tom, tom, tom, tom.


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