The Fate of the All-New X-Men

It’s time for a paradigm shift in how fans understand the All-New X-Men.

When Brian Bendis launched his series, fans thought it was OK, but nobody really thought it was a long-term thing.  In fact, by the time ‘Battle of the Atom’ hit the shelves, most fans assumed that would be where the original X-Men went back.  Now, with ‘Secret Wars’ erasing reality, fans are again assuming that the All-New X-Men will go back – or, perhaps, will never have been hanging around in the present day in the first place.

We were wrong.

In his latest X-Position with CBR, Bendis happily talks about what to expect from the future X-books.  And most of his comments are about the future of the All-New X-Men (he includes X-23, incidentally).

For Angel and X-23 he comments:

Yes, that relationship could continue. Again, I won’t be writing the book after #600, but I know that the new writer/writers liked it and have big plans for X-23 in particular, and that anything that makes Angel interesting is good as far as I’m concerned. Sam and I gave a lot of thought and care to the choices we made with Angel and this relationship, so I’m very grateful for the people that have been shipping on them big time on Tumblr. Getting a lot of love for those two.

Moving to Cyclops’ return from space, Bendis adds:

So he’s coming back. The next writer has got really great plans, like plans I’m envious of. One of their plans for the character, I literally went, “Oh, I never thought of that!” That is something you have to look forward to. Cyclops is a character of subtle variations and he is in the shadow of his older counterpart — a very controversial shadow. There’s a lot to be revealed with him.

My points are these:

First of all, we can say with certainty that mutants are sticking around post-‘Secret Wars’.  So bang go the stupid rumours that Bleeding Cool have been peddling, but please tell me you’ve not been buying that rubbish anyway.  Secondly, the All-New X-Men are a long-term prospect, but we’re not talking about rebooting so that we’re back in the 1960s and starting from scratch.  X-23 is sticking around, for example, and she’s dependent on a lot of history (Wolverine’s Weapon X, her being a clone, etc).

This is actually pretty big news.  When Marvel kicked the All-New X-Men off, they were planning for a permanent addition to the Marvel Universe.  They’re here to stay!

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