Pitch Week X

Here at Mah Muse we’re excited about the Post-Secret Wars X-universe. With a crazy world-destroying, new status quo-beginning concept, literally anything goes come October.

So far, three books have been announced; Uncanny, All-New, and Extraordinary X-Men. However, while we’re excited about the creative teams, the members of each team have been less than Extraordinary, All-new, or uncanny, with some proper headscratcher character inclusions and glaring exclusions (of which I’m sure will be explained in the coming months).

We decided that for your entertainment, Mah Muse and collaborators will pitch you 5 X-books over the course of this week that would be great accompaniments or additions to the Post Secret Wars X-landscape. Then, on Saturday, you the audience, get to vote on your favorite.

The Rules. Don’t worry there aren’t many.


The contributors may not use any character that has already been announced in the above mentioned three titles. However, each contributor is allowed one wildcard character if they can give a good enough reason for that character being in two places at once.

For your benefit, those teams are as follows:

Extraordinary X-MenExtraordinary X-Men


Iceman/Old man Logan/O5 Jean

4658051-ab7wojo[1]All New X-Men

O5 Cyclops/O5 Iceman/O5 Beast/

O5 Angel/X-23/Oya/Genesis

rycdu2eUncanny X-Men



 Also, Sunspot is with the Avengers, Kitty’s with the Guardians and (in a move not so out of character if you think about it) Beast is with the Inhumans. None of the above can be used in the pitches.


  • Cast list and small paragraph on why that character is there and the reasoning behind their inclusion. Also include support characters and Villains (can’t forget them).
  • Pitch concept; what is this team’s reason for existing and why the audience should be excited to read this book.
  • First arc summary. What happens when this team interacts? What is the inciting incident that sets them on their path? Are there some cool twists, or action scenes that would make a reader want to read?

Anything Else Goes

Our contributors can be as creative as they want, free from any revelation that comes from the 8-month gap in between Secret Wars and the first new issues of X-men. YOU the audience are free to ask each of them questions in the comments and discuss the pitches. Saturday we’ll put up a poll for YOU THE READERS, to tell us whose Pitch you liked. You’ll have until the following week to vote, and then we’ll have review of the best bits from all the pitches.

Our contributors will be:

Monday: Tom

Tuesday: Christina

Wednesday: Loz

Thursday: Maxime

Friday: Craig and Matt.

Tom is up tomorrow with his pitch, so make sure to check in. And then every other day till Friday for the others. Come along and see if we’ve included your favorite characters … You know, those ones that you feel have needed a spotlight for a while.

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