Pitch Week X: Adjectiveless X-Men

As part of MahMuseComics’ Pitch Week X, my goal is to come up with a winning pitch for the X-Men!  So here’s mine:

The Pitch

In his all-too-brief run on adjectiveless X-Men, Brian Wood brought two major-league X-villains into the game – Selene and Madelyne Pryor.  I want to see them take advantage of this new status quo, in which the X-Men’s ranks have been brutally thinned.  They gather together a group of powerful allies, an all-new Sisterhood – and their first recruit is Emma Frost.

White Queen

The reason?  Emma reasons that the X-Men are out of their depth, and her goal – as ever – is to safeguard the next generation.  So as Madelyne and Selene launch an attack upon the X-mansion, ably assisted by the mystic Satana, Emma tries to play her own game and get young mutants out of the Jean Grey School.  It all goes horribly wrong, of course, but the young mutants – under the leadership of Jubilee – wind up being the heroes of the hour.  During this little crisis, Satana uses magic to reverse Jubilee’s vampirism, believing that she’s leaving her powerless, but unwittingly unlocks her mutant powers once again.

By the end of it all, Emma and Jubilee argue with the X-Men that these kids need to be taken out of the Jean Grey School – it’s clearly a massive target, and the X-Men no longer have the power to protect them.  So the two unlikely co-leaders take a band of teenage mutants globe-trotting to unlock their power, unaware that Madelyne and Selene are seeking revenge on Emma…

The Cast

So here’s my cast – the young mutants assembled under Emma Frost!  And while we’re at it – here’s some EXCLUSIVE artwork from Benjy Borndahl featuring the team:

Benjy X-Men Pitch 5


x-men-pitch-week - Copy (6)Jubilee

I want to move Jubilee into a team-leader position, a natural progression of where Brian Wood was positioning her.  To me, Jubilee’s one of the most underrated characters, and restoring her powers should give her the opportunity to really grow.  This time round, I want Jubilee to take a fierce thrill in developing her abilities; before, she was scared of them, and so didn’t move on from firecrackers, but this time I want her to revel in them.

x-men-pitch-week - Copy (4)Pixie

  I’d want to see this character given a lot more air-time, as she learns some basic magic and continues to grow as a character.  Teaming her up with Velocidad, her ex, should provide some angst!

x-men-pitch-week - Copy (5)Velocidad

With his speed-power still accelerating his ageing; Velocidad is seeking a ‘cure’ for mutation, increasingly seeing his powers as a curse.  I want Velocidad to come to a point where he almost betrays the team; after all, if Satana can restore Jubilee’s powers, perhaps she can remove his?

x-men-pitch-week - Copy (7)Indra

Adding a multicultural element, plus giving the team an excuse to head to India, where there’s since been a throwaway character with very similar powers to him – hinting that he might not be a mutant at all, but may actually be tied to the Indian pantheon (hey, Marvel have a Norse and Greek one, so why not?)

x-men-pitch-week - Copy (3)Nature

A one-note character introduced by Jason Latour, I’d want to see her develop.  She’s currently little more than a blank slate, which means I’d have a lot to explore, making her ‘my own’.  I see Nature as following the archetype of Storm, the mutant-who’s-almost-a-god, and I’d push her into a place where she vented Nature’s Fury!

x-men-pitch-week - CopyHellion

I’d really want to get inside his head, as he continues to deal with his disability.  One of the major threads behind this comic is how mutant powers tie to identity; so Jubilee’s identity is restored, Velocidad seeks to lose his powers, and Indra and Nature both have untapped aspects of their powers that radically reshape their identity.  Hellion’s hands are dependent upon his powers, and – as his identity was already bound up in those powers – that’s not necessarily healthy.  I’d plan a cruel twist of fate down the path, where instead of Velocidad losing his powers, it’s Hellion who does so, and has to cope without them – which, for Hellion, means far more.

First Arc Summary

I’d want the team to swiftly get caught up with Hope Summers, when they learn that the post-Phoenix Force mutants all have a mysterious tie to the Mutant Messiah – just as she can manipulate the Five Lights, so she has an element of control over all post-AvX mutants.  When Selene and Madelyne learn this, they seek her power for their own…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. chamlet5127 says:

    Love the pitch Tom! Hellion and Pixie are two I’ve grown fond of and I definitely don’t want them fading into the background post-Secret Wars. Emma and Jubes are an interesting combo, and a great use of their Generation X history. A solid sell, though I’m still going to do my best to crush you into the dirt! 🙂


    1. Hahahah well do your worst :p :p :p


  2. loz says:

    We both used Hellion and Indra, although in different capacities. Great job. I’d read this book.


  3. Craig says:

    Anything with Emma, Pixie, Hellion and Jubilee has my money.


  4. loz says:

    Exactly how would you develop Nature? I guess I haven’t caught the interest with that character.
    Do you think that Hellion sees it as a disability now?
    Also you should give some insight to Jubilee and Emma’s character sections. Just intrigued as to your thought process. section.


  5. I’ll add some notes! 😀


  6. JP Prisco says:

    This made me nostalgic for those old ‘Versus’ posts Tom used to dream-up scenarios for – he’s so good at ‘setting the table’

    And hurrah: I’m not alone in thinking Nature has real potential for development as a character!


    1. Thanks 🙂 I did enjoy doing those Versus posts – Deadpool versus Wolverine was my favourite! 😀


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