Pitch Week X: X-men

The beginning of  Pitch Week X saw Tom’s excellent post  yesterday, and I’m going to do my best to live up to his challenge! And away we go……

The Pitch

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.52.10 AM
How we first see Jean after her return

In the aftermath of Secret Wars, mutants as a people are once again threatened and over at Extraordinary X-men they are off searching for Cyclops.It is in the midst of all of the turmoil and confusion that Mr. Sinister has taken the opportunity to manipulate the time streams and return to the world a familiar face……Jean Grey. Hoping to resurrect a Phoenix host under his control, Sinister extracts Jean using the space-time disruptions and secrets her away in the reconstructed world. He quickly realizes however that Jean’s connection to the Phoenix force has been severed, her psyche shattered. Her mutant powers are still intact and, as Sinister discovers, quite formidable as Jean quickly escapes. Jean is left wandering, searching for a psychic connection to anchor her. With Cyclops missing, Xavier dead, and her entire family murdered Jean finds herself despairing, unattached and drifting. She wanders from place to place, unable to find her footing in the world, lashing out in pain and anger from time to time, drowning in her isolation. But a few have noted her return, and they are the ones that will seek her out, but to what end……?

The Cast

I kept with the “adjective-less” name because I am once again assembling an all-female team! There are so many fantastic women of X-men, I love the idea of highlighting a number of them in their own book. I updated their looks some, but tried to also keep them classic.  Also, these six seemed to fit in well with the premise…….

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.24.17 AM

Rachel Summers

RachelHeadshot2When Jean first awakens, it’s no surprise that Rachel hears the psychic anguish that is unleashed. She immediately seeks Jean out, but on her own, not wanting to convince the others and also wanting their potential reunion to be private. Jean’s trail proves elusive as her powers fluctuate and Rachel is forced to seek out the aid of the most skilled telepath she can think of, which leads us to……..

Emma Frost

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.49.03 PMEmma Frost has abandoned the X-men, fed up with their drama and the constant disappointment as the team continually turns on itself. She has returned to the business world, building up her now drained resources. When Rachel turns up to explains what has happened, Emma already knows but simply ignored it. Rachel finally convinces Emma to join her in a search, though Emma’s motives remain her own. Her one demand is that they bring…….


DazzlerHeadshotAlison is still recovering from her trauma at the hands of Mystique, uncertain in her direction now that she’s free. Alison has been helping Emma through some of her law and entertainment contacts, while Emma has been helping Alison through her recovery process. Alison has returned to her more classic look, and Emma claims that aiding in a rescue mission is just what she needs…..

Danielle Moonstar

DaniHeadshotDani and Joanna Cargill (see below) have left the Jean Grey School, discussing their options now in the current mutant situation. Though Dani is still de-powered, her Valkyrie abilities have returned and through them senses a soul in turmoil. Unsure of the source, they follow the trail and find the resurrected Jean Grey. Caught off guard, Dani loses track of Jean, but can still sense her vaguely. They go in search of Rachel to inform her what has happened. Learning about the search, Dani offers her services as does…..


FrenzyHeadshotWhen Dani and Joanna happen upon Jean, Joanna thinks back to the time that Jean mind controlled her into joining a group of X-men. When the others decide to search for Jean, Joanna decides to tag along. Joanna has been trying to walk the right path, but still hasn’t really reconciled entirely with what Jean did. So though she’s aiding in the search, her motivation is unclear…..

Layla Miller

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.23.10 PMHow Sinister managed to resurrect Jean is still unclear. So when you’re faced with a twisted, evil mutant in command of unknown forces, who do you turn to except a girl who “knows stuff”, has experience with space-time ruptures, reality hopping, magic, resurrection powers and a host of other weirdness?

First arc summary

The first arc would deal with two goals: finding Jean and finding out how Sinister managed to resurrect her. Initially Jean would act almost as a natural-disaster type threat, showing up in random places, causing destruction and disappearing. Gradually the arc would move to trying to restore Jean’s psyche. The final push will be Jean pulling herself together and deciding who she is, which will partially depend on Emma and the deep connection that she and Jean have formed over the years despite their frequent animosity. Emma will ultimately have a choice — to help Jean return to herself or to push her over the edge. Which one she chooses, well…..I’ll leave that up to you. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to see Jean return and rejoin the X-men or become a full-fledged villain!

Jean’s look at the end of the arc.

Regardless of the outcome, the end result of the arc will be Jean full restored to herself, completely severed from the Phoenix Force and the powerhouse she’s meant to be. And not only a new team…..but a new psychic institute! The team realizes that psychic mutations require a different type of specialized training. Also, after years of reality hopping, dying and reviving, and just day to day combat, there are many X-men and other mutants that need specialized counseling or even rescue and recovery. The team acts as a resource for trauma recovery and therapy as well as an instructional team for psychic mutants. But all of that psychic energy in one place is bound to attract attention sooner or later……

So that’s my pitch for a new adjectiveless X-men!! I tried to use some old favorites and bring in some less utilized characters that I want to see more out of, while keeping the choices logical. Let me know what you think in the comments and be sure to check out the other great pitches!!!

Note: all images were done in the Doll Divine X-girls game app

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Craig says:

    Ok so even though your the competition Christina i must say.
    Plus points.
    Jean with no silly phoenix.
    Layla Miller!
    Good use of Rachel.
    Intrigue with Emma motive.
    Strong villian in sinister.
    Amazing to see Dani back in the mix.
    Who doesn’t love some Dazzler.
    Frenzy! who I’ve longed for more of since stupid AvX happened.


    1. chamlet5127 says:

      Thanks Craig! I’m really looking forward to your pitch!


  2. A really interesting pitch, with some fun twists. Love the use of Layla, of course!


    1. chamlet5127 says:

      Thanks Tom! I’m still learning about Layla, but she’s really interesting so far. I hope Marvel doesn’t back-seat her after SW.


      1. Oddly enough, I almost hope they do – I like the idea of two mutants actually having a happily-ever-after!


  3. loz says:

    This would be the perfect continuation after G. Willow Wilsons arc. It’s so good. And I love the Dollmaker costume images. The world needs these X-ladies on the same team. I would have maybe added Reyes but I guess she could come later.


    1. chamlet5127 says:

      I was REALLY tempted to add other people, it actually started out as a psi-group including several of these and some others like QQ, but these started to pop out naturally as I thought of reasons for the formation of the team. I think there is some real potential to cycle guest spots with the psi-institute, and she would be a perfect addition!


  4. Craig says:

    Reyes would make a brilliant later addition. Oh can someone give her a codename please.
    Also everyone should learn the wonders of Layla Miller there’s a reason why she’s in my top 5 all time favs.


  5. loz says:

    I love that Rachel is on this team with direct contact with Emma. I think what is missing in the books is Emma’s capacity to teach and be a trusted team member.


  6. JP Prisco says:

    Nice. Quite a dynamic line-up: mercurial personalities, several with a history of anger-issues, not-so-subtly reinforcing the whole ‘Jean-might-not-be-sweetness-and-light’ theme. But CHamlet you don’t fool me for a second with your “Which one she chooses, well… I’ll leave that up to you” line — you *love* the idea of ‘Bad Jean’ & would have her munching on live babies & puppies by the end of it, LOL!


    1. loz says:

      Hah hah. I know right? Christina isn’t fooling anyone. She had a puppy snack in Jeans backpack right from conception of this pitch.


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