Pitch Week X: The New XUE

You’ve seen a couple of great pitches so far, but it’s time for something a bit different. So far Tom’s given us a new Sisterhood in Maddie, Selene, and Satana. And Christina has struck the awe that is a possibly nefarious Jean Grey. But, some of the best (or my favorite) X-arcs are the ones with a little more demonic activity. Think Inferno, Pilgrim, the New Mutants: Project Purgatory, and The New X-Men’s abduction to Limbo (drawn by the wickedly good Scottie Young). For my pitch we go Underground in The New Xavier’s Underground Enforcers (or New XUE).

Sage copyThe Pitch

I always felt that Sage was the actual team leader in Extreme X-Men. As soon as she appeared as a potential X-men I loved her character. Learning she was Xavier’s undercover operative just made her that much cooler. Forget all the X-Forces that say they’ve gone rogue and are sorting out the  villains in the shadows. Those titles always ended in huge explosive battles and while this title wouldn’t shy away from those big battles, the undercover/underground elements are the ones I’d focus on.

Husk, Scanner, Vincente copy

Sage finds whispers of a new cult devoted to the Nasty Boys on the internet, and they are recruiting hard. When she discovers  a string of  abductions she decides she needs to help. When a former student at the now defunct Jean Grey School is abducted, Sage steps up the investigation and some recruiting of her own.

Murmur copy

Sage puts together her team of mutants to operate underground for future threats which includes investigating the threat of the Nasty Boys. The only problem is, it’s not the quirky joke the Nasty Boys used to be. It’s a cult of Nastirh worshipers led by their high priestess, Trista who is transformed by Nastirh himself. The Cult of Nastirh wants to open a gate into the world from Limbo and restore Nastirh to power. To do this they need 10 powered individuals to act as sacrifices. Each one, when sacrificed becomes a darker version of themselves willing to serve.  Their group is comprised of surviving Inferno Babies, forgotten villains, a few wildcards lost after Undercover Avengers, and even humans willing to devote their lives to Nastirh. Indra was number nine of ten. Now they have their sights set on Bobby Soul and when he is sacrificed, Nastirh will be free.

The Cast

Sage copy - CopySage

Sage is the mastermind behind the team. She watches over everything and makes sure things are going well. She will have several important interactions with her recruits that will help them overcome a certain difficulty in their lives. These interactions will be sparked by her ability to enhance mutant abilities with her own like she did with Beast, Gambit, and Rogue.


Husk, Scanner, Vincente copy - Copy (2)Husk

Husk becomes the co-field leader she always dreamed she would. Sage’s power eliminates the emotional instability provided by Jason Aaron. She becomes that confident quick thinker we last saw in Generation-Next, and she starts to use her abilities in a more covert manner able to husk into other people’s forms to be able to infiltrate enemy locations. It doesn’t hurt she has super hacking/computer skills either.

Hellion (2) copy - CopyHellion

Pretty much disrespected and not taken seriously by almost all adult X-men, Hellion is given a chance to prove himself. Sage recognises an element of her young self in Hellion and decides to help him on his path to greatness. Hellion is the powerhouse of the team, but we will see the all but forgotten talents he has after the Age of X, and Legends of the reconstruction story lines. He may be brash, but you don’t want to cross this Hellion. He co-leads with Husk.

Husk, Scanner, Vincente copy - Copy (3)Vincente

On the run from Emplate and tired of the hungry life he and his partner Murmur have lived. He runs into Sage who automatically sees the benefit of his abilities. In return for his services and a second chance at life, Sage heals Vincent of Emplate’s influence. Vincente and Husk will develop a friendship reminiscent of their Gen-Next relationship. There would also be foreshadowing here as maybe not all the team would survive their first encounter with the Nastirh Cult. I always felt Vincente should be one of the main team members after AoA. This is my pipe dream and he has the perfect infiltration/spy power.

Murmur copy - CopyMurmur

Along with Vincente, when Murmur appeared I was instantly intrigued. I had dreams of him fighting off Emplate’s influence and facing up to what he had become under Emplate’s slavery. This character is all mystery. Who was he? What exactly is his mutant power? Why does he speak in scroll? All I know is, I would explore the hell out of what make’s this tragic figure tick. Also, he’s a teleporter. This always comes in handy and the effect was pretty cool in Generation X.


Sarah Ryall, was always a tragic figure. One of the only acolytes to actually be in line with Xavier’s dream and when she got the opportunity, Xavier coldly denied her. She later got revenge for that but I always thought she would be great as a hero. Sage has returned her powers post AVX but with a twist. Her body can become an astral form instead of just manifesting an astral form and now it is not just those with astral forms that she can disrupt. Her powers now work similar to the Jewish Ghost version of Shadowcat, able to disrupt any living beings electrical system.

Eyeboy - CopyEyeBoy/Oculo

Some characters you hate the moment you are introduced, but then they really grow on you and become completely endearing. Eyeboy is that character for me. Of course he deserves a code name change so we can take him a bit more seriously. His abilities are untapped…yet but he would serve as the comms guy who sees everything and monitors all the communications for the team. He would also be the comic relief sidekick to Sage, and along with Scanner’s mutant detection abilities would act as part of a human cerebro scanning machine.

XUE - CopyBobby Soul

NYX is just fantastic. GO READ IT NOW! but know that Bobby Soul and Lil Bro are awesome. Bobby is the unexpected element to this cast. He’s the one that saves the day and provides the exit plan. He’s the catylyst to my story and provides not only the misdirect but the impetus going forward for the team. He has a cool power which comes with a flaw but will be improved with some genetic meddling from Sage. He also comes with the tagalong characters Catiana and Lil Bro, also from NYX.

First Arc Summary

Bullet style

  • With none of the schools in operation, Sage has taken it on herself to keep tabs on all mutant activity. She has hired both Scanner, and Oculo to survey the lay of the land. Oculo is always watching media and government channels, while Scanner tracks and detects mutants. Sage processes and  digitally stores this information with her telepathy ready for any problems that may arise.
  • They track the Nasty Boys and learn of the abductions. Ruckus, Unuscione and Sister Grimm abduct Indra. Sage and Scanner fail to save him. Sage must build her own team.
  • Sage Recruits Hellion and Husk. Scanner detects Ruckus, who has a weird energy pattern about him and actually should be dead and the team go to intercept. They are led to a small dilapidated chapel in which they are attacked by Murmur and Vincente. They have just had a run in with the Nasty Boys. and only just managed to evade capture. Sage uses her abilities to purge Emplate from their bodies. Indebted to her Murmur offers his life to Sage.We now have a full team but need to find out what the
  • Scanner finds the presence of more power signatures like Ruckus.  They are closing in on unidentified mutants.
  • Bobby Soul is at home with Lil Bro and Catiana. They are attacked by inferno babies turned Nasty Boys, Trista, bob, and Toko.
  • The newly formed squad led by Husk stops the Nasty Boys from taking Bobby Soul. The Nasty Boys are now fully aware of them. Bobby Soul, Lil Bro and Catiana return to Sage’s base of operations for protection.
  • We get to know the team. Lil Bro becomes the honorary team mascot.
  • Scanner has found a concentration of Nasty Boys and Sage telepathically locates the coordinates so that Murmur can teleport a team to deal with the Nasty Boys once and for all.
  • Husk, Hellion, Vincente, Scanner, Murmur and Bobby Soul go to intercept. They quietly infiltrate a skyscraper in LA and Husk uncovers information from the business men and women there that it is a cult. They had assumed the N on all their opponents eyes meant Nasty Boys, but instead it refers to Nastirh. It is the Cult of Nastirh.
  • They uncover a portal in the penthouse and while there, several of Nastirh’s cultists step out including Indra, Shauna, Ruckus, Cullen Bloodstone, Unuscione, and Alex. Battle ensues.
  • Meanwhile Inferno Baby Bob had cut off a part of himself and hid himself on Catiana. Bob has alerted his team mates, Sister Grim, Toko, and Trista to Sages location. It seems they never wanted Bobby Soul. They wanted Lil Bro.
  • Sage is rendered inert by Trista’s backward speak and Catiana is Knocked unconscious by Toko. Oculo grabs Lil Bro and hides. He is assaulted by Sister Grimm but manages to see through an attack with a type of magic vision And shoots her. Toko Steps in and knocks him out. Trista revives Sister Grimm and takes control of Lil Bro. They perform the sacrificial ceremony there and then, transforming Lil Bro into the tenth Cultist and summoning Nastirh. Nastirh is now free to roam the earth, just as Sage breaks Trista’s control.
  • Things aren’t going well on Husks end. Just as it looks like Scanner might have the upper hand in battle, Bloodstone kills her. Shauna and Alex take care of Bobby Soul and Murmur. Ruckus renders Vincente unconscious. Unuscione encases Hellion in an unbreakable telekinetic cage as Husk battles Indra.
  • Bobby Soul is not out of the game. He possesses Murmur and uses him to teleport through the chaos and retrieve each team member to safety.
  • Sage alerts Husk to Nastirh’s arrival and then escapes with Oculo to fight another day.

This book goes forward with a cast of Sage, Husk, Hellion, Murmur, Vincente, Oculo, and Bobby Soul. Their main goal will be to defeat Nastirh for good, and return Lil Bro to his brother Bobby Soul. They will have to defeat each of the ten cultists and their human followers. Each arc will have the team investigate, infiltrate and defeat a cultist, in order to reduce Nastirh’s power and presence on earth.

Cultist targets are Trista, Unuscione, Ruckus, Sister Grimm, Cullen Bloodstone, Shauna, Alex, Bob, Toko, Indra and Lil Bro. Finally the team will have to battle Nastirh.


There you have it. Like what you read? Check in tomorrow for yet another pitch.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. chamlet5127 says:

    Terrific! I love the designs. I was just thinking about Scanner today. And I was tempted to add Sage, but decided not to. Glad to see them there. And you REALLY went to town with detailing the story (which is great). This is turning out to be a fun competition. 🙂


    1. loz says:

      Thank you. I was worried people would rage at me for introducing Scanner and then killing her.


  2. This is fascinatingly good! I love it! 😀 My one suggested change would be to draw Elsa Bloodstone in as well as Cullen – could be fun! 😀


    1. loz says:

      Here’s the thing, I don’t think Elsa Bloodstone would alow herself to be captured by The Cult of Nastirh and she definitely wouldn’t allow herself to be sacrificed. Just wouldn’t be cricket. Cullen on the other hand has already partly sold his soul to the proverbial devil.


      1. Hahahah good point 🙂


  3. JP Prisco says:

    I called this ‘oddly compelling’ on fb and it really, really IS compelling. Almost to a man, these are characters I would’ve said I had *zero* interest in ever seeing again – in fact any mention, however tangential, of Emplate or Nastirh triggers my gag reflex. BUT… this cast, in this context, feels soooo right, somehow. It absolutely engaged my imagination and I would love, love, love to see this play out in a book


    1. loz says:

      Thank you. This comment made me really happy. I was originally going with Emplate as the main villain, but wanted the Cult feel to come out and the whole worship of a demon in Nastirh to be able to create a reason for the book to continue. I kind of love that they don’t win the battle in the first arc and have to go back to the more deceptive and infiltration methods after licking their wounds.


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