Vote For your Favorite Pitch

We hope you enjoyed Pitch Week X here at Mah Muse Comics, but it’s not over yet. Here’s where you come in. You can vote on your favorite pitch of the week. We really want to hear from you. Lets do a quick review. You can click on the images to take you to the actual pitches if you want more of a reminder.

Adjective-less X-Men

Benjy X-Men Pitch 5

To save mutant teens from peril, Emma Frost joins Madeline Pryor and Selene Gallo’s new sisterhood. When things go pear shaped, Jubilee and a small group of mutants help save the day. Emma betrays the Sisterhood and forms a new squad of X-men with Jubilee. Diamonds and ‘splosions.


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.24.17 AM

Jean Grey returns but not as the same woman. She is an elemental force of malevolence. Rachel Grey and a team of X-men must search for her and defeat Sinister at the same time. Can the X-men redeem Jean or will she become a villain. Psychic shenanigans ensue.

The New XUE


To combat A cult of Nastirh worshipers, Sage puts together a team of mutant, infiltration and intelligence experts. They must stop the sacrifice of 10 mutants or Nastirh will have a hold over the earth. Things won’t always go to plan. Going underground gets Nasty.

Shelter X


Karma and several of her compatriots start a shelter for human and mutant youths. When the Shadow King, crooked politician Alice Tremain, and a new MLF headed by Marielle Fitzroy show up, things get real.



With Cable’s help, Val Cooper puts together a government sanctioned peace keeping team to combat the rise of Inhumans, growing human hysteria and Selene Gallo. Old friends. Old enemies. New Unity.


So which was your favorite. You have 4 days to vote. Thursday we’ll post your results and see what our appointed judges have to say about each pitch. These guys definitely know their comics so we’re looking forward to their input. Have a great weekend and please vote.

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