Pitch Week Results

So as most of you know, last week was Pitch Week. Today is a kind of results round-up as it were, and a personal thanks to five of the most talented people in my online life who agreed to take part in Pitch week. So really, whoever won the reader vote, COUGH, Maxime, COUGH, I feel like … well, this:


Let’s start with our guest judge Sean Leslie of Fight For Comics fame. Please go and check out his podcast. It is fantastic and these guys are proper warriors in the fight for comics. Take it away Sean:

Sean Leslie
Sean Leslie

Guest Judge: Sean Leslie

Of Fight For Comics


I have to admit having Jeff Lemire and Cullen Bunn take on the X-books after Secret War has me giddy beyond belief. But what if Lemire and Bunn were not available? Would Mah Muse Comics X-Men pitches be able to keep my level of excitement? Let’s take a look and find out.

Fight For Comics

Adjectiveless X-Men – I love the idea of Selene and Madelyne Pryor being used as a force to be reckoned with an all-new Sisterhood. Using Jubilee to lead a new group of mutants is an intriguing one. I am really on board with Satana making Jubilee not a vampire anymore. Normally I hate when comics make everything old as new again. But let’s be honest. Jubilee as a vampire never really worked outside of Victor Gishler’s X-Men run anyway. The only thing I am on the fence with is Jubilee teaming to lead with Emma Frost. It seems like a mismatch, but then again mismatches sometimes take you in unexpected places.

X-Men – Interesting that this is the only pitch that uses one of the only original core X-Men. I do admit that I love the idea of Jean Grey completely stripped of the Phoenix Force. Of course we have read stories where we have thought the same thing so as long as this title does not build to final climax of Jean Grey being the Phoenix again then I would love to see this play out. Especially seeing if Jean Grey ends up being the Jean we love or one that leans towards being more of a villain. Also kudos for this pitch for continuing the current hot trend of keeping the books main heroes female.

The Nu XUE – Here is an intriguing premise (and the best name out of the pitches) that could either come out as a surprise hit or really fall flat on its face. Having an underground covert type team is nothing new. But this pitch says it will stay underground rather than really finding the team take center stage in some of the action as previous attempts have done. The reason I say this one is shaky is not having any more recognizable X-Men in it to capture comic readers interest. It will be hard to get people to give it a chance, however, seeing fresh takes on some of the more unrecognizable X-Men could make it great if enough people read it.

Shelter X – This seems to be a thinly veiled reboot of the X-Men. Just as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters helped mutants by giving them a place to go, Shelter X does the same thing. I like the idea of taking the book back to it’s roots with helping mutants find a place for themselves and love the idea of the person running it not by a millionaire. It is a good group of characters assembled for the series, but like The Nu Xue, it could probably use one or two more recognizable X-Men to get readers attention.

X-Sanction – I believe in pitching new books a writer needs to make sure they know where comics are at at the moment in their own universe. This is the only pitch that ties in the Inhumans, which is great since Marvel has huge plans coming up with the Inhumans/X-Men ties and the terrigen mists threatening mutants place in the Marvel universe. I like the idea of this team being sanctioned by the government as peace keepers and love the idea of the X-Men not being the outsiders and the hated group with the Inhumans entering the race war.

So which pitch has my vote? I am going with X-Sanction (followed closely X-Men). All five pitches have great ideas in all of them, but the ones that I see as being the most successful are the ones that have at least a one or two more recognizable X-Men in it to give readers a strong base to get their interest at the beginning and ones that know where the Marvel Universe is headed.

Thanks Sean for the Judging.

So, here are some stats before I give my thoughts on the pitches, excusing myself because, you know, personal bias and Narcissism.

The Reader Vote

1st Place: Maxime with 48.98%

2nd Place: Craig and Matt with 21.43%

3rd Place: Christina with 13.27%

4th Place: Loz with 11.22%

5th Place: Tom with 5.1%

As I said earlier. Really, the readers are the winners. That said click to PAGE 2 for my thoughts on the pitches in bullet style.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. chamlet5127 says:

    Thanks, Sean, for the comments! And thanks, Loz, for coming up with the idea! This was a lot of fun to do, and I think everyone came up with great pitches.


  2. chamlet5127 says:

    Also, Loz, you hit exactly what one of the main aims of my pitch were. My hope for this book would be to resolve the animosity among Rachel/Emma/Jean and have them grow without Scott (who I obviously love dearly) as the central theme. They deserve their own relations with each other. And Sean, for my opinion on Jean and the Phoenix, you can see here……. https://mahmusecomics.com/2014/08/25/phoenix-jean-grey-is-the-worst-hero-in-the-marvel-universe/ no worries on that front!


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