New Mutants TV Show

NOTE: In possibly one of the most disappointing moments of the week, I realized that I had mistaken Finished script for a TV show for the actual film script Josh Boone completed.  Anyway, Read on for my thoughts on what the TV show should look like. That said, still ultra-excited for a New Mutants Movie. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Read on.

News broke this week about the new New Mutants TV show. Josh Boone tweeted that the first draft of the screenplay is complete and New Mutants fans around the interwebs went wild. Including me. We just came off the tail end of Pitch week where Maxime pitched  Shelter X, which I felt was a natural progression of where the New Mutants characters could be headed. You can read that pitch HERE. Also Tom posted an article over at ComicsVerse with 5 characters he had to see in this new version of the New Mutants. You can read that article HERE. I felt that I disagreed with a couple of his choices and while watching Person of Interest last night, I found myself sketching the New Mutants I wanted to see.

New Mutants

Here’s my cast. It would start with a main six and then expand to include others as bit characters.

Karma would be my lead character who would act as the leader.

Cannonball and Mirage would be my 2nd tier characters. They will fight on and off and there would be the will they won’t they element ending in the “Yes they totally did.” I always loved their romantic relationship during Zeb Wells run. I always thought that Cannonball’s murder of the soldiers and a handful of Inferno babies during the Fall of the New Mutants was the nail in the coffin of their relationship.

Cypher would have to deal with being infected by a weird techno organic virus which would later become it’s own person in the form of Warlock.

Magma would have to deal with a dual identity and mystery over who she really is and where she comes from.

Magik would appear as a stranger from the future, knowing that she had to befriend all the other characters in order to save the earth and be reunited with her family.

Other characters would be introduced in small arcs or one of episodes. Wolfsbane would be a future love interest of Cypher. Sunspot would be a suitor to Magma but actually know more about her past than he lets on and his involvement with the Hellfire Club.

Characters like Husk, Warpath, Blink, Jesse and Christopher Aaronson would show up, as well as other villains like the Hellions and the externals.

Man I’m excited for this show. What about you?

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  1. Paul Bowler says:

    This sounds like a brilliant new series, the New Mutants are ideal choices for a TV show, sure it will do well!


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