Week of Marvel 28/11/2015

It’s been an exciting week for Marvel – complete with the trailer for Captain America: Civil War!  Plus: Has James McAvoy hinted at why Xavier will lose his hair?!?

This week in Marvel Comics:

Vader Down continues!

Darth Vader Is Scarier

The first Star Wars crossover continues – and it’s tremendous.  Darth Vader #13 continues what is proving to be one of the most entertaining Star Wars arcs I’ve ever read, and I speak as a fan of the old Expanded Universe who’s read Star Wars comics running back to Marvel’s first run.  One of the most entertaining aspects of this crossover is that it really lets you feel the power of the Dark Lord of the Sith – in this issue, Vader is up against the Rebel Army, and we’re able to see just how that army copes against the power of the Dark Side.

This issue also features some seriously on-the-nose pieces of characterisation, including a moment with Han and Leia that completely flips convention on its head – and yet works outstandingly well.  This is an arc that any comic book fans need to follow, regardless of whether or not they’re used to Star Wars comics.

In other Star Wars news, the new map of the galaxy – released in this week’s Empire Magazine – shows a very ambiguous relationship between the new canon and the old Expanded Universe.  You can check out my thoughts over on MoviePilot.

First issues – Moon Girl and Silk!

Moon Girl

One book I’ve been particularly looking forward to is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1; I’ve become a strong fan of writers Amy Reeder and Brendan Montclare (do not miss their ongoing Rocket Girl series), and so considered this a possible highlight of All-New All-Different Marvel. I was right; this first issue is superb, and you quickly fall in love with the central character, Lunella.  If every issue is as strong as this one, we’re in for a treat.

Silk versus Knights of Goblin King

Meanwhile, Silk #1 proved to be one of the better first issues of All-New All-Different Marvel too.  I was a fan of the last Silk run, but this one dives straight into a subtly changed status quo, with Stacey Lee’s art as vibrant and kinetic as ever.  Robbie Thompson’s characterisation as as excellent as ever, particularly in his use of old-established Spider-Man cast such as J. Jonah Jameson.

Ongoings: Guardians of the GalaxyAll-New Wolverine, and Carnage!

Thing in Guardians of the Galaxy

These are the three highlights of the ongoings.  All-New Wolverine features Laura unravelling the mystery of her clones – it’s not quite so strong as the first issue, but is still seriously enjoyable, with superb art.  In Guardians of the Galaxy, Brian Bendis shows he still knows how to up the ante, and let’s just say things don’t look good for Spartax.  Most comics featuring so many splash-pages are weaker, but not this one.

Carnage Watches

But I have to give a shout-out to Carnage, by Gerry Conway (writer), Mike Perkins (artist), and Andy Troy (colorist).  The whole team are firing on all cylinders, and the book charts a dark and fascinating course.  It’s also positioning John Jameson for a potentially very different status quo going forward.  Books centred on super-villains are a hard sell, so I sadly aren’t expecting great sales performance for this book, but I hope that I’m wrong.  It deserves a strong future.

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  1. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur was cute, can’t wait for issue 2!


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