Week of Marvels 05/12/2015 – The NeXt X-Event?

This week featured a wealth of new interviews on Captain America: Civil War, while over in the comics Marvel released some hits!  Plus: what does the next X-event tell us about the relationship between Marvel and Fox?

This week in Marvel Comics:

SPIDEY reveals a change in Marvel’s style!

Spidey Versus Rabbit

The release of Spidey #1 – billed as an all-ages Marvel comic – reveals a keynote change in Marvel’s comics.  There’s a tradition that treats all-ages comics as though they’re just aimed at younger readers, and there’s an element of truth in that; but the stylistic similarities between Spidey and, say, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl are remarkable.  The truth of the matter is that there are quite a few Marvel comics out there that are marketed towards an all-age audience, but this is actually just the first book where Marvel have come out and openly admitted it.

The comic book industry is changing, with the shift to digital particularly attracting younger readers – Spider-Gwen and Miss Marvel reportedly performed better digitally than in the shops.  Marvel seem to believe they’re getting marketing success in reaching this demographic, and the launch of Spidey sees them really trying to hone in on it.  The series recreates the original era of Spider-Man’s life (the one that will be reportedly capitalised upon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), but updates it to include modern technology.  It’s a fairly decent comic, but the catch is that if Marvel’s marketing works, odds are we’ll never truly know how it performed; we never see the digital sales figures.

Other major first issues:ALL-NEW X-MEN, ALL-NEW INHUMANS, and DAREDEVIL!

Cyclops is Found

Two All-New Titles in one week – we’re spoiled!  I’ve already rhapsodised about All-New X-Men, but All-New Inhumans is worth focusing in on for a moment.  The book is tremendous, with rich characterisation by Charles Soule; it also signposts what looks to be tremendous fun down the line when Crystal will learn that her ex-boyfriend Jonny Storm is now dating Medusa.

But X-Men fans really need to keep an eye on this book, as it reveals a lot more information about how the Terrigen Mist is working in the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe.  Scientifically, the Mist’s behaviours are literally impossible, but I guess this is comic book logic.

Terrigen Cloud

Soule’s also launched the first issue of his Daredevil series, and, given he has a legal background, it could well be an absolute classic.  It’s certainly gotten off to a strong start!

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  1. Spidey was a pretty fun comic imo…I wonder what they’re planning on doing in future issues.


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