A-Force to Be Reckoned With

Here at Mah Muse Comics we love G. Willow Wilson, and today her A-Force arrived. Maybe you were a bit cautious about A-Force or thought that maybe it wasn’t a book for you. Perhaps you never picked it up because there were so many Battleworlds and Secret Wars Zone books along with the yet-to-finish main book, but the writing duo of Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson do a pretty nice job of giving us a done-in-one (or so we thought) adventure. Here’s a quick review of the Secret War Mini-series that today’s new  A-Force #1  continues. 

A1A-Force #1

We start with Arcadia, an island paradise populated by all the marvel heroes we know and love, only, the women are in charge and they are ruled by Baroness She Hulk who leads a small team of heroes including Captain Marvel, Medusa, Sister Grimm, Dazzler, and  Mz. America Chavez. This first issue sets the stage nicely and gives the reader an interesting mystery to mull over. The first battle we see is between A-Force and a pretty nasty looking megalodon which even n this super-heroic world should not be possible.  Being her brash self, Mz. America flings the defeated megalodon  in to the dead lands which is home to the Marvel Zombies zone watched over by the SHIELD. This brings Doom’s League of Extraordinary Thors to Arcadia and as punishment Mz. America is banished to the SHIELD which was damaged in the megalodon’s landing.

She Hulk has to deal with Medusa, who thinks she can do a better job, Loki who is America and Sister Grimm’s guardian, the mystery of the portal that dropped the megalodon into Arcadia and also the arrival of a mysterious young girl who looks like a galaxy.


A-Force #2

Galaxy girl, who will be known as Singularity later on so lets just refer to her as such, is introduced to A-Force. Medusa thinks she should be handed over to Doom so as not to bring more of his attention to Arcadia. In her attempt to communicate Medusa scares Singularity and another portal is opened, out of which pops a lovely killer sentinel. Battle ensues, after which She Hulk investigates the portal.

A3A-Force #3

She Hulk finds herself in a Days of Future Past battleword and while fighting Sentinels is attacked by a trio of Thors. While escaping She Hulk realizes that the portal originated in Arcadia. There is a traitor in their midst. The Thors follow She Hulk back to Arcadia and proceed to arrest She Hulk. Medusa Attacks everyone, but it is a ruse to send the Thors back through the portal. She is killed in the process. However Gamora Thor returns with backup and She Hulk enlists the help of all Arcadia’s heroes as A-Force hide.

A4A-Force #4

Singularity Saves A-Force giving them the time to figure out a plan. She Hulk reveals it is Loki who is behind the portals. Loki makes a deal with the Thors. A-Force attacks and battle Loki and the Thors. Loki is defeated and her plans are uncovered. Before she can be arrested by the Thors, she blasts the Shield wall in between Arcadia and the dead lands. Marvel Zombies attack.

A5A-Force #5

It’s Battle Royale as all of Arcadia battles Marvel Zombies. Tons of heroines from the marvel universe are seen battling Zombies. Singularity seemingly sacrifices herself to save Arcadia by drawing all the zombies into a portal and exploding. Arcadia moves on to oblivion within Secret Wars and Singularity sleeps out in space dreaming of Arcadia.

AForce Theme

This books was great. It was one of the only battle worlds books I was looking forward to and I have to say I wasn’t completely sold after the first issue, but then the book developed more of a heart and I enjoyed all the interactions between all the characters. Jorge Molina did a great job of selling the emotions and the leads and the action was nicely spread out and acted. Above is the scene in which Singularity pulls together Arcadia, and our heroes themes and pulls them together into a satisfying whole.

And so, we arrive at A-Force #1 (2016) A-Force #1 starts off exactly where issue #5 ends, with Singularity in space. What I’m most interested in for this series is Singularity’s interactions with the 616 versions of her A-Force team mates. I was blown away by Wilson’s run on X-men and this looks to continue the great writing. I’m also intrigued to see Dazzler and Sister Grimm, who have yet to make an appearance, but are the team members that I’ve been waiting to see their fates after their last appearances. Dazzler after Uncanny #600 and Nico after Avengers Undercover. I guess we’ll soon see.

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