Week of Marvels 09/01/2016

Week of Marvels has been on something of a Christmas break – largely because, over Christmas, it was a slow time for comics news!  But it’s time for Marvel to hit the ground running…

This week in Marvel Comics:


Obi-Wan & Anakin (2016) 001-005

This week was complicated a little by a confusing mess with Marvel’s printers – as a result, some lucky Americans were able to get their hands on key comics early (the same was true yesterday).  Not being in the U.S.A., I don’t benefit from that, so I’ll overlook it!

That said, Marvel have begun their first major attempt to move in on the Prequel Trilogy with Obi-Wan and Anakin.  The real stand-out in this issue is Marco Checchetto’s excellent art, particularly when he captures glorious vistas of space and alien worlds.  Artistically, it’s a tour de force, and deserves to be thought of highly.  Charles Soule is writing what promises to be a great book, answering an unlikely question:

What is a Jedi

There were other first issues this week – from Rocket Raccoon and Groot to A-Force – and, for me, A-Force is the other key title.  Loz is particularly excited about this book – he’s already written about his reaction to the first “Secret Wars” miniseries – and in my view, A-Force #1 more than lived up to the hype.  The story focuses in on the character of Singularity, as she brings together an unlikely band of female superheroes.  It promises to be great fun.

Not ONE but TWO X-Men books!

Psylocke in my head

This week saw the release of Uncanny X-Men #1, with Cullenn Bunn and Greg Land taking the titular comic in a much darker direction.  You can check out my full review for more information!  Meanwhile, over on CBR, Axel Alonso revealed why there are only three X-Men team books at the moment:

The goal we planned post-“Secret Wars,” in the landscape of the X-Men universe, is that we would only do team books that were guided by a strong mission statement and team roster. And we found three.

The other X-Men book was X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever, a strange title written by Max Bemis and featuring the art of Michael Walsh.  At least appearing to be inspired by a throwaway joke in DC’s 1990s Legionnaires series, which featured a recruitment drive where a character called himself “Exploding Boy”, it’s a pretty fun book.  It’s hardly ground-breaking, but was an OK read.


Iron Man and Mary Jane

Invincible Iron Man #5 closed off Brian Bendis and David Marquez’s first arc, and it was easily the best issue to date.  Check out my thoughts on Marvel’s curious Invincible Iron Man strategy!

Meanwhile, Jason Aaron continues to up the ante in Doctor Strange, bringing the Sorcerer Supreme face-to-face with those who would destroy all magic.  And in probably the most enjoyable book out there right now, Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez confront Spider-Gwen with her version of the Green Goblin.  It’s an unmissable issue!

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