Extraordinary X-Men Wraps its First Arc

Extraordinary X-Men’s first arc comes to a close, but was it satisfying? We’ve already asked the question of whether Extraordinary X-men actually lives up to its name (which you can read here), but issue #5 doesn’t bring us to any concrete conclusions.

You can read Tom’s review of Extraordinary X-Men #4 HERE, but read on for my thoughts on issue #5, and scroll to the bottom for our final page Roll Call where I list the full team of active X-Men we are left with at the end of this arc..

Inhuman Cyke

Pro: The main reveal of Cyclop’s return is quickly laid to rest and Jean informs everyone that this isn’t Cyclops, just a faulty Inhuman/mutant hybrid who when immediately attacked by Logan, proceeds to cause havoc.

Con: Logan immediately attacks the Cyke-hybrid not really knowing what it’s intentions will be. I understand Sinister had been tinkering, but I guess after everything he’s been through this would of course be his first plan of action.

Con: Old Man Logan’s schtick is already getting … old. Claws out, act surly, give people knick names, be protective of the one X-man he didn’t kill, not really give me a reason for his inclusion here.

Pro: Logan’s reward for his attack-first nature? A face full of optic blast, which causes quite the ignition.


Pro: Sinister. He’s kind of the star of this book. I know right? Sinister is the star of Extraordinary X-Men’s first arc. He’s pretty wonderful, even when just a head. What do you say Sinister? You agree?


Pro: Sinister doesn’t get the best line of the book though. That award goes to Iceman? Nope. Storm? Not at all. Magik? Almost. Colossuss? YES. Hurrah for Colossuss. And said broken back is performed in flesh form too. Piotr, have you been working out?

Perhaps a Broken Back Will Shut You Up.


Pro:  The Rasputins. Love them.

Pro: Iceman’s interaction with the lizard-like Inhuman. It was a nice demonstration of power and a nice demonstration of humanity. Iceman just acted. It didn’t matter who was under the bus, he helped them. I liked that this seemed to be the first 616 appearance of what will become the Ice Hulk from Battle of the Atom. Alos. This wasn’t sermonizing or making a scene. It was Iceman’s character showing and it was one of my favorite moments of the book.

Con: The above is probably why I didn’t like Storm’s speech. All words with no action. I know I know the action will come later, but… Magneto did a better job in last weeks Uncanny. O5 Cyke did a better job in today’s All New X-Men. Yes, I know, it was serviceable and we got the new direction and status quo for Extraordinary, but Storm’s speech doesn’t seem to have the same weight as young Scott’s hopeful embrace of a brighter future full of possibility, or Magneto’s very cool raison d’etre for Uncanny going forward.  As I said, serviceable, but not extraordinary.

Con: Not enough Nightcrawler.

Con: S.H.E.L.D is being tasked with the pickup and detention of Sinister and the Marauders? Did the X-Men just leave them all gift wrapped with a neat little message, saying, “courtesy of your friendly, slightly off-world, neighborhood X-Men?” This cannot end well but no one seems to question it.

Con: What is Jean’s sudden fixation with Logan. It’s slightly creepy. I’m just not convinced with her inclusion on this book. That said, I’m not convinced with Logan’s. At first Logan seemed like an awesome choice, but as I mentioned above, getting old quickly. He doesn’t bring any of the wisdom he’s exhibited previously. Old Man Logan works as a solo star in his own book, interacting with others as they enter his sphere of influence. I’m just not sure he works here. In the past I’ve said of Wolverine that he was only as interesting as his partner/sidekick. The same seems to be true here. I’m not enjoying young Jean and she seems to be Logan’s new young female sidekick.


CON: The above two panels. Uggghhh. Just shut up young Jean and old Logan.  AND REALLY? GLOB IS KIND OF CUTE? Again. Just SHUT UP young Jean and old Logan. This was another misfire.

What do you think? How have you liked the first arc of all new, all different Marvel’s flagship X-book. I’m still not sure. There’s just enough to keep me intrigued but I don’t feel like I’m beside myself going crazy waiting for the next issue. When It comes I guess I’ll have a read, whereas Uncanny I’ll be picking up without fail.

As promised above, here is our list of active X-Men at the end of
Extraordinary X-Men #5.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Extraordinary X-Men has been quite good, I’ve enjoyed the first arc, and this issue was also good. Colossuss certainly got the best line this issue! I agree, though, was expecting more from this title, so its not got me as hooked as I’d hoped for this All New All Different Marvel book. Will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few issues.


  2. loz says:

    Yeah, I’m interested to see where the Weirdworld arc takes us, and to see the team actually act as a team, all together. I’m concerned for Nightcrawler.


  3. David *BAMF!*Anthony says:

    Not liking how they’re treating Nightcrawler at ALL. After his incredible return a la Aaron and McGuiness in Amazing X-Men and the very enjoyable 12 issue run a la Claremont and Nauck, it’s disheartening to see the how he’s being handled so far in “Extraordinary” X-Men.


    1. loz says:

      Yeah I want that confident rapscallion Kurt back. This addle-brained, tailless version wasn’t working for me.


  4. TABacon says:

    Your Colossus image is one that I couldn’t help wincing at, tbh, Loz. Take a look at Colossus’ skin-colouring. He’s evidently been working out; he’s able to break Sinister’s back *while still in human form*! It just made me go, “Huh?”


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